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Ismo Leikola published a rare picture of his wife Angelika – congratulates her loved one with a funny text – Entertainment

The clinics have lived in the United States for the past five years, but Korona drove them to Finland temporarily.

Stand-up comedian Ismo Leikola posted a rare co-portrait on Instagram on Friday with his wife posing side by side Angelikan with. In the caption, she wishes her husband a happy birthday.

– Today is Angelika’s wife’s birthday, so I’m taking her … uh, well, to the grocery store, because there’s nowhere else to go. Lovely anyway, the comedian jokes in English.

Leikola rarely publishes pictures of his wife, as Angelika prefers to stay out of public view.

In addition to being married, the Leikolas also work together. The couple recently published a book written together Swamp, hoe and Hollywood (Siltala, 2021), which tells the story of the last five years of a married couple in the United States.

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– We are more open now than ever before. In the book, we talk about big things that we have kept quiet about before, Ismo Leikola said in an interview with IS at the beginning of March.

After moving to the United States, Ismo Leikola’s comedic career took off in a huge upswing until a corona pandemic stopped everything and gigs and projects ended like a wall.

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After the initial shock, Ismo reveals that he has found a new kind of peace. He says in the book that he had only taken one longer break from the stand up since 2002. A break, a stop, and an empty calendar for gigs came into need.

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– Stopping the crazy pace did good. Although gigs are my passion, no one wants to sit from hour to month at the airport and on the plane, Leikola commented to IS.

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The corona situation drove the couple back to Finland last August, but they did not come to stay.

– We long for back all the time, but it doesn’t make me want to go there yet. The situation in the country has still not improved significantly and there are no jobs there as clubs and many other places are still closed.

Currently, the couple is working hard on the English version of the book, which has proven to be surprisingly laborious. The date for the publication of the English-language book has not yet been locked.

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