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Is there strength in your buttocks? Test with one simple move – Feel good

The pelvic lift test tells you about the movement of your hip and the strength of your buttocks.

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With this pelvic lift test, you will be able to test your hip mobility as well as your buttocks. This is also a good revitalizing movement for sagging backs and tense hip flexors.

Try this:

Go to your back, bring your legs to the hook and raise your other knee towards your chest. When the knee is raised towards the chest, the pelvis turns so that the lower back does not get sagging. This really challenges your hip movement and doesn’t cheat more back movement.

  • See instructions for circulation in the video above.

Raise your hips in the air as high as you can. The goal is a plank: the knee, hip and shoulder are in line, back straight. The knee towards the chest should remain in the same position throughout the movement. The movement is tried on both feet, and both sides should succeed equally well.

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If the movement was successful, you have good movement in the hip area as well as a strong buttocks. If the knee left to escape, there are deficiencies in hip mobility. Fortunately, mobility can be practiced, and this movement, for example, is a good exercise to develop mobility in the area.

Network coach, personal trainer and nutrition coach Maikki Marjaniemi (right) and an exercise instructor and wellness coach Sofa Ollila help people succeed in their goals, find joy in exercise, and realize the great results of small changes.

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Once a week, Maikki and Sohvi give practical tips for a healthier and more refreshing everyday life and effective training in the column of Ilta-Sanomat’s website.

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