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IS Information: Left Alliance Strictly Accepts Movement Prohibitions – Article Allowing Outdoors Only in Yard Circuit is Retracted – Politics

THL and STM made it very clear that there is a necessary need for movement restrictions.

The government will continue to twist movement restrictions tomorrow Wednesday. The articles of the performance are rewritten in some respects during the day.

The parliamentary groups of the three parliamentary parties – the Left Alliance, the Greens and the RKP – want the articles still to be written. They meet in the evening to swear their position on the performance.

Parties that have been critical of the show have called for changes to a section that defines where recreational activities are allowed outside. There is disagreement over whether outdoor activities can only take place near your own home or elsewhere. The section is clarified so that it does not only cover the yard of your own home.

According to IS data, the toughest performance is to swallow the Left Alliance. The Greens and the RKP have moved from their previous positions. The message from the experts at Tuesday’s meeting is considered strong and will provide the basis for progress to be made.

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According to IS, THL and STM made it very clear in the negotiations that there was a necessary need for restrictions on movement. It is described to IS that there was no doubt about this now.

THL seriously appealed to the government. According to THL, the measure will make it possible to limit people-to-people contacts by 25%. It presented at the event the impact of this on disease rates and the carrying capacity of nursing care. According to HUS, its intensive care is overloaded with a 60 percent probability at current cost.

In addition to the amendments to the articles, the Government will also write more clearly in the proposal on the basis of the discussions, which is why no other means would be sufficient in the situation.

Discussions on the movement restriction stalled on Monday because the government feared that the motion would not go through the Committee on Constitutional Affairs on the grounds at the time.

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Negotiations continued until late at night on Tuesday, and now at least some of the governing parties see that progress can be made. The situation will finally become clear once the three-party groups have discussed the proposal. If an agreement is found, the government could submit a proposal to Parliament on Thursday.

Parliament is on leave for next week. Due to the bill, it will likely have to cram its calendar. The rule of thumb is that the bill takes at least a week to process.

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