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Iranians in Tehran want ‘give and take’ deal ending sanctions

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                On the nuclear issue, Iran and the United States are passing the buck: Joe Biden says he is ready to negotiate with the Iranians for a return to the agreement on condition that Tehran stops enriching its uranium.  The Iranians, for their part, are calling for a lifting of American sanctions before any resumption of dialogue.  In this impasse, the Iranian population wants above all an agreement to end the sanctions that are strangling them economically.

                                    <p><span><span><span><em><span><span>From our special correspondent in Tehran,</span></span></em></span></span></span>

In a surprising setting, four larger-than-life mannequins stand in the middle of the Book Garden, a huge complex dedicated to books, in the heart of Tehran. These models represent Iranian scientists murdered between 2010 and 2012, because they were working on their country’s nuclear program. On a panel we can read: « martyrs of terrorism ».

Khashayar, a biology student revising his lessons at Book Garden, welcomes this tribute to these heroes of the nation: « They are scientists honored in a cultural place. This shows us the example. It’s a source of inspiration, we need it. »

But not everyone agrees. Fahime believes that this staging to the glory of Iranian nuclear physicists has no place in this recently inaugurated cultural venue. “ It’s propaganda authorities want to impose their ideas and beliefs on people, opines the 33-year-old doctoral student in management. I’m not interested in this story, I haven’t tried to find out the details. Because behind all this there is a spirit “go to war“. We give a political aspect to everything, it’s not good. »

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« A little hope with Biden »

The Iranian nuclear program is at the heart of a standoff with the West. Tehran continues to enrich its uranium and the Americans, to impose their sanctions. Since the United States pulled out of the nuclear deal in 2018, nothing has worked.

But the arrival of Joe Biden to power in Washington still raises a little hope, because he said to himself ready to resume dialogue with Iran. Leïli would like to believe it: « We have some hope with Biden. The tension has eased a bit, but that also depends on Iran, which must also lower its demands, we don’t know. “For this 28-year-old, the threat of nuclear war” don’t scare me, because I think the Iranians are not looking for war. They just wanna show that they are powerful ».

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« This situation weighs on the population, especially the poor. »

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Iranian nuclear policy is not that the business of the leaders, who did not respond to RFI’s requests.

It affects the entire population, especially at the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, where all social layers come together in its usual crush. In front of a pistachio and dried fruit stall, Maryam laments the exorbitant prices. Linflation is colossal in Iran, the national currency – le rial – fell against the dollar, in particular because of the American sanctions.

« We live in a difficult situation, I buy mostly for my children, not a lot but it’s better than nothing, explains this mother. We deprive ourselves a lot to buy meat and that creates arguments at home. »

The pistachio seller is also struggling to make ends meet. So he wants the Iranian and American leaders to solve their problems: « America has a problem with our Supreme Leader, but we what did we do ? I am a simple trader. This situation weighs on the population, especially the poor. If I were in the place of the Supreme Leader, I would negotiate an agreement with the United States, but I would also take action against them. »

Most of these Iranians say they want a nuclear deal with the Americans, but “ give and take “. Above all, they hope for a lifting of sanctions to get out of the economic slump.

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