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Interest rates began to fall – in the worst of the epidemic, especially one promising example – Domestic

Hus’s director of diagnostics says the measures taken in schools have played a major role in infection rates.

Weekly corona infection rates show a turn for the better: around 3,500 infections were detected in the last week, compared with 4,700 in the previous week and more than 4,900 in the previous peak week.

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Director of Diagnostics, Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) Lasse Lehtonen is particularly pleased with the situation in Vantaa.

– Vantaa has managed to get the situation under control. It has also been possible to tackle infections in schools when a mask has been used in contact teaching, Lehtonen says.

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– The transition to distance learning has played a role in the fact that infections have started to decrease. Of course, other restrictive measures also help, but I consider distance learning to be the most important thing.

Lehtonen says that infections seem to be increasing at the moment, especially in children and young people. Spreading occurs especially in schools and youth gatherings, but also in those workplaces where teleworking is not possible.

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Lasse Lehtonen, Director of Diagnostics at Hus.­

According to Lehtonen, the better interest rates last week are not yet a sign that restrictions could be relaxed or movement restrictions should not be introduced.

– You have to be terribly careful not to go to any action, at least.

Lehtonen believes that next week the numbers will fall further when Easter is celebrated. Admittedly, the reason for this is the same as at Christmas: people are less likely to be tested in the holidays.

– It makes it a bit challenging to assess the situation in the next two weeks, Lehtonen says.

THL has instructed people to spend Easter at home next week in a small neighborhood. The Prime Minister appealed to the same Sanna Marin today at an interview with the Prime Minister in Yle.

– I think there has been so much of this debate now that people are careful. I believe Easter has more of an epidemic-suppressing than an accelerating effect. Like Christmas, Easter is not a traditional celebration of family reunions, but we are more in the family tree in the spring trees, Lehtonen says.

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