Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Home Breaking News Inside the black market for placentas in China
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Inside the black market for placentas in China

A kilo of this processed organ sells for 167 euros in traditional medicine markets. Other buyers prefer to eat fresh placentas. They even make meatballs with them. This is how a business that continues to grow in the Asian country works

A black market stall for placentas in China.

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Naked eye, they look like boxes full of fried mushrooms or dried mushrooms, very popular in China, which are added to the broth for flavor. In the first row are those with a yellowish brown hue. The ones behind are bigger and darker. The appearance is due to the curcumin coloring that is incorporated after cooking. The fluffy texture is given by the flour. They are not mushrooms. Neither mushrooms. What is seen in the photograph are the organs, already boiled, that surround the fet

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