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INFO FRANCEINFO. Nearly 1,300 attacks, threats or insults recorded in 2020 against elected officials, three times more than in 2019

Insulting tags in front of their homes, death threats, physical attacks… In 2020, elected officials were targeted 1,276 times. This is an increase of 200% compared to 2019. Admittedly, the municipal elections went through this, a period when mayors find themselves on the front line, but this is not the only explanation.

The Association of Mayors of France (AMF) notes that the phenomenon has been increasing for several years already. More than 500 mayors or deputies and 60 parliamentarians were physically attacked in 2020. In this particular context, the actions are “personalized”, with in particular 68 homes of elected officials and 63 private vehicles targeted, which worries the Ministry of the Interior .

Henri Delatour is the mayor of the small village of Lasalle, in the Cévennes. A very peaceful town, he assures us. However, in January, tensions erupt in the market with anti-mask activists. The 71-year-old elected then tries to intervene. “As soon as we arrive in the square, there is one of the guys who is not wearing the mask, who walks straight towards me and insults me, says the city councilor. I try to resist his pressure and there, boom, the blow in the mouth. I fell completely stiff. “

“Frankly, it’s scary. Since I was very young in the village, I never knew that a mayor had been assaulted.”

Henri Delatour, Mayor of Lasalle

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In recent weeks, due to threats deemed to be particularly serious, two mayors have been placed under police protection. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and AMF President François Baroin wrote to 35,000 mayors urging them to take training. Nearly 350 negotiators from the gendarmerie have been trained by the GIGN negotiation unit to give training modules to elected officials and to teach mayors to relieve pressure when they are attacked.

In Calvados, 200 elected officials have already been trained, with concrete cases that have all already existed. “Where’s the mayor? Do you know what’s in there? It’s my third cat that got run over. We petitioned, and we said it was rolling way too fast in the street. rue. Much too fast! As a result, I have a dead cat and my kids are whining at home. How do I do? “ Jérôme plays the role of this very angry citizen. He is one of the negotiators of the gendarmerie in Normandy. “There is nothing better than a concrete case, than a scenario to be able to bounce back on certain themes, he explains. The more we show interest in the other, the more he will feel important and listened to. As long as he can express himself and is listened to, what is the point of getting upset? There aren’t any more. “

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Among the elected officials attending the training, Marc Andreu Sabater, the mayor of Vire Normandie, was attacked two years ago when two young people from his town degraded street furniture.“I opened the window to tell them to stop, and there they came towards me and threw a tear gas canister, he says. I was faced with completely unpredictable violence from these two people. The president of the Senate often speaks of mayors as elected officials within range of bawling. It is true that we have more and more situations where our role as mayor, our status, is not known at all or is no longer respected. Unfortunately, I think that’s a pretty clear trend in our society today. “

The MAIRES analysis method to help elected officials face tensions with their constituents.  (ASSOCIATION OF MAYORS OF FRANCE)

The gendarmes also insist on the importance of filing a complaint. According to the AMF, still too many elected officials prefer not to say anything. To encourage them to testify, there is now an observatory for attacks on elected officials.

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