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Industry: Every day matters

The Swedish Public Health Agency makes the assessment that the changes may instead take effect at the turn of the month April / May. The authority therefore requests that the date be changed to 3 May.

For many businesses, this means additional tough weeks of lost income.

– This must mean that FHM takes the infection situation seriously and the only thing we can really do is wait, says Parks and Resort’s CEO Christer Fogelmarck.

The company operates, among other things, Gröna Lund in Stockholm and Fogelmarck points out that every day with additional restrictions is a blow.

– Every single guest, every single day, every single hour is of course very important.

“Like the situation”

Part of the proposal that FHM wants the government to push for is that Gröna Lund and Liseberg should be covered by the same rules as other amusement parks. Today, in the legal sense, they are so-called permanent amusement rides and can let in a maximum of eight people. But from April 11, according to the proposal, they could open if each visitor gets 20 square meters to move on.

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– It is for us still just to like the situation, this was a bit expected, says Liseberg’s CEO Andreas Andersen and continues:

– We have worked with May 1 as a hypothesis. The problem for us is that we have a fairly long starting distance, so if there are further delays, it will be tough.

Big consequences for the restaurants

For the restaurant industry, a possible extension of the stop to alcohol sales in the evening would have major consequences, according to Jonas Siljhammar, who is CEO of the industry organization Visita.

– Every day plays a role for us. In practice, there will be a partial shutdown and then support measures are needed and they are missing, he says.

“Huge difference”

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Siljhammar demands a clear explanation as to why 8:30 pm has been set as a sharp limit.

– For the restaurateurs, it is a huge difference to be able to bring in a dinner service in the evening, but I have not seen any explanation as to why closing at 20.30 is better from an infection point of view than 22.00, he says.

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