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India suspends vaccine exports to tackle second wave



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A.Forget, N.Kumari, A.Vedeilhe, A.Morel, L.Soudre, J.Ezvan

France 2

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India has ceased all its exports of doses to prioritize the vaccination of its population. Contamination is exploding in the country, more than ever under tension.

After weeks of lull, the number of contaminations is exploding again in India, with more than 50,000 new cases every 24 hours. In a PCR testing laboratory, positive cases double every day. “It’s really increasing, like last year, explains Dr. Shelly Mahajan, the manager. We go from two cases a day to four the next day, then 16.

To cope with the second wave, India has suspended its vaccine exports. Priority is now given to its people. At the plant of the world’s largest vaccine producer, in Pune, half of the doses produced have so far been sent abroad. “Before, we exported the vaccine to many countries, explains Dr. Suneela Garg, vaccination campaign advisor. Now we have to focus on our own country because we have to go fast, this is called ‘vaccine nationalism’“. Since the start of the epidemic, India has exported 70 million doses around the world.

In London (UK), five million expected doses of AstraZeneca will not arrive. “This shortage will especially have an impact on people waiting for a second dose, so yes, this will be a problem.“Says Dr. Danny Althan, Immunology. But in India it is urgent.”Only 3% of Indians received a dose“, indeed indicates the journalist Angélique Forget, of France Televisions New Delhi.

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