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India Martnez: “It’s hard for me to spend money on very expensive things, like bags and jewelry”

The Cordovan artist presents her book ‘Medias verdades’ and new single with Dvicio. “Now I don’t care what they think of me”

India Martnez, in a photo taken a few days ago in Seville.

She is in equal parts “romantic and down-to-earth”, she declares herself reserved – “my shyness makes me learn constantly” – and after an eternal year she has just got on a stage in Barcelona. “It was the first time that I did two concerts in three hours with a different audience. I really liked it.” India Martnez (Crdoba, 1985) has doubled these days: she presents a book, ‘Verdades a medias’ (Short story), and releases a single with Dvicio, ‘Not enough for me’. Promotion rhythm; Let’s start with the first one.

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Empathy, memories, laughter, tears, family, origin and compositions that have emerged in this pandemic year. That’s what the story is about.“This book has been a journey to get inside myself. Doing prose has made me feel very good, “she explains. Go ahead, she does not consider herself a” writer for making a book. “She has collected half songs and very personal reflections.” I don’t know if I have told too much … “. he has let himself be carried away by “imagination, memories and autobiographical experiences and always inspired by my truth.” He speaks slowly – he does not like quarrel or arguments at all – while having a coffee with milk in a Madrid hotel near Atocha.

It says that it has many items stored inside … Unveil some (which is not in the book).
On the cover of the book there is a trunk that represents the neck of a woman. First half truth. In this illustration – I have also made them – there is a mermaid that could be me, there is a violin, a padlock and some keys … Of some things that appear in it I do not even speak in the book. someday tell what they represent.


He confesses that in some aspects it is “very squared”, for example “with the order in my house, I cannot see a crooked book”, he likes to have “everything under control”, although he also has a “creative and impulsive” part, in the spontaneity prevails. “If I make a song I want to release it now. I love doing what nobody expects of me.”

From the hand of Teresa Rabal he took his first steps as an artist. “Until I was 18 I did classical flamenco”. Later he opened up to other styles, “pop, Latin … I still haven’t found a label for my music. If someone has one, tell me.” With a Goya, four platinum albums and as many Grammy nominations, there are things that he no longer happens: “I don’t change my accent to sound on a radio”.

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In the book he remembers the days in his “prefabricated” house with his pregnant mother while his father worked in the fields. “Always with the radio cassette on.” She has always thanked them for all the efforts to support her in her dream of dedicating herself to music. “We always try to show our best side in social networks, but not everything is beautiful in life. We think that the bad makes us more vulnerable, but I think it can be the other way around.” The success thing is taken with caution and with some perspective, knows that today is enjoyed and tomorrow may come badly. “I have a hard time spending money on very expensive things, like jewelry or bags.”

For some time she has decided to show herself “what she wants”: “Now I don’t care what they think of me. I’m freer.” He gets wet on issues such as sexist violence. “My soul falls to the ground when some politician says that there is no gender violence.” And he believes that talking about “football, politics and religion continues to force us to be on one side. These are topics that we treat with little tolerance.”

In that introspective journey there has been room for self-criticism. “I have recognized failures and I have seen things that I do not do well. Like the ego, that of talking a lot about myself. I have realized that I have to think even more about others.

What would you like to forget and can’t?
When a man looks at me in a way that I don’t like I have a hard time getting him out of my mind. It makes me feel helpless and sad.

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