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in Toulouse, the vaccinodrome plans to administer 4,000 doses of vaccine over the weekend


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France 3

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The High Authority for Health gave the green light to veterinarians and dentists on Friday March 26 to vaccinate against Covid-19. They could lend a hand in vaccinodromes, where agendas fill up quickly.

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Meetings are pouring in for the Toulouse vaccinodrome (Haute-Garonne). The 29 operators of the SAMU departmental call center respond continuously. All the slots for the weekends are full. All of them work under the benevolent eye of Julie Oudet, emergency doctor from the SAMU, responsible for creating from scratch the platform for the whole of Haute-Garonne. “We had opened on Wednesday morning to make sure we had finished fixing Sunday evening, we finished it on Thursday morning“, explains the latter, who claims to have”a lot of leeway“.

A 2,000 square meter hall has been made available by the Toulouse town hall, and will serve as a vaccine park for all those who have booked. Health professionals, firefighters or civil security volunteers, in total, more than 200 people will be mobilized to administer the 4,000 doses planned for the weekend. The prefecture has planned “to arm the next three weekends “, adds Sébastien Lamadon-Périé, operational director of SDIS 31.

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