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In the working meetings, Ismo Leikola has presented his wife’s ideas as his own – in the background a confusing observation: “The status of a spouse is the position of a dog” – People & relationships

After moving to the United States, Ismo and Angelika Leikola made the observation: the spouse, as a working couple, receives an equal reception. In Finland, the treatment had been derogatory.

I have to try it. I do a “search for a pair” of google searches and end up with the mechanics of structures. Searching for the “entertainment powerhouse” on display will come to Hollywood as well Toivo Kärki and Reino Helismaa. The results are in the same category as those of which Ismo and Angelika Leikola tell in their recent book Swamp, hoe and Hollywood. Came from Ramp and Naukki, Matt and Mervi.

After moving to the United States in December 2015, Leikolat has made a series of observations of cultural and practical differences between their two home countries. This is one of them: “(In the United States) At various meetings, the discussion may suddenly be interrupted and you ask what the wife thinks about the partner as well as the writing partner. He is also asked equally about backgrounds and goals: what he has done and what the plans are for the future. And admire our cooperation and my wife’s experience in the field. ”

And more: “In Finland, things were generally different. The attitude was often more about why, miraculously, someone has brought their wife to work, or if she couldn’t even wait in the car or go home in advance ”, they write in their book.

This is how Leikolat has experienced it. In America, it is considered natural and logical for people who are skilled in the same way to come together. When Ismo praises his wife for having fun and says this brings his ideas and skills to the desktop, the matter is believed and enthusiastic. Some colleagues admit to being jealous of Ismo because their spouse doesn’t understand the stuff of their own comedian at all.

– In Finland, on the other hand, we have come to think that if a working couple is also a spouse, then someone has progressed along the route, by shortcut or too easily. Or that I’m now praising my wife just for her thought that she doesn’t come home with a rolling pin, Ismo says.

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– Here, somehow, one refuses to believe that a spouse could be good in the same field.

We have then decided to act in such a way that I present my wife’s ideas as my own.

In practice, the understatement has been seen to be that if Angelika throws an idea at a meeting, it is ignored. When the same idea is put forward by Ismo, the proposal is taken seriously. At some point, the treatment led to Angelika starting to retreat into the background.

– We have then decided to present my wife’s ideas as my own, Ismo says.

“At the meeting, one might look through the wife as if he didn’t even exist or wait with his forehead wrinkled so that he would stop talking if he went to throw some idea or vision into the air. When this happened enough times, he went almost completely invisible and started doing business with each other in the closet. ”

Winged roof instead of glass roof

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The observation of the clippings is interesting. Why in Finland, a model country for equality, suffrage, women’s espresso and prime ministers? That, too, has been considered.

– Well, damn it, I don’t know. Maybe it’s considered a lottery win when someone gets married and still gets a job as a gift, Ismo wild boar.

Angelika would get more appreciation for her work as a comedy writer if we weren’t together.

Yes, we envy lottery winners.

– Admittedly, the wife has sometimes compared the status of a spouse to the position of a dog. It is about losing professional independence and value. Merits and work experience do not weigh anything when we only see that Jaaha has employed her spouse for this as well. It must be quite a shameful passion and love for the sport that it can handle it, Ismo says.

– I bet Angelika would get more appreciation for her work as a comedy writer if we weren’t together. In this package of ours, he is somehow losing something.

Ismo points out that spousal apostasy is not about gender, but about wife, but about marriage. Even in the book, Leikolat does not describe Angelika hitting her head on a glass ceiling but on a “winged roof or eaves”.

In the joint book project, Angelika took over the lead.­

The experience of the cops is from comedy circles, but something similar is easy to identify more broadly. In Finland, for example, there are artist families and theater families, where few work together and even fewer perform in public together. Let’s avoid the perception of others that they would have ended up in a career or raised thanks to their loved ones, even if the truth was quite different.

– It is a strange contradiction that in a country where we get so much for free – education and health care – it is sensitively accused and terribly annoyed if someone just seems to have received something for free or more easily, even if it is not.

Traction liability according to its strength

The work pattern of the clippers goes so that in the stand-up Ismo is the locomotive and the one who writes his story and hurts with them on stage in front of the audience. Sometimes jokes arise in one of Angelika’s observations and ideas. When making comedy, balloting ideas is an essential part of the work and cannot be done alone. That’s why many comedians have a working couple, and some have their own spouse, like an American Jim Gaffiganilla.

Although Angelika is more responsible for practical matters in the depths of the American bureaucracy, for example, she is Ismo’s work couple – not an assistant or domestic helper. At the time of writing the new book, Angelika was the lead manager and foreman, she has a writing background and a university degree in the field.

– My ability to concentrate would not be enough for a total of 350 pages, Ismo growls.

– The wife is more of a morning person and her routine was to write even when I was still asleep. I am a bit random person and I wrote many times only when the wife had already gone to bed. We are similar in our sense of humor, for example, but we are almost opposites in our ways of working. Maybe that’s why our package works so well.

Ismo at The Improv Club in Irvine, California in 2018. It was his first time as a main performer at the legendary club.­

The following works are already promised on the bookshelves, but before that, an English version of Suo, Hoe and Hollywood will be written. The couple is working on it in their corona crow in Finland. The home in the United States was last visited six months ago.

– We hope to finally get to the gigs in the summer, Ismo says.

“The expansion of my wife and my collaboration into the book industry has again been a tough and arduous but also rewarding and joyful experience. Symbiosis has risen to a new level. Maybe you can say that without me there would be no American comedy career to write about, but even more certainly you can say that without Angelika there would be no this book. This went well – I got along the way to become a writer. ”

Quotes are from Angelika and Ismo Leikola’s book Suo, hoe and Hollywood. The book was published earlier in March.

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