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In the view of the car driver, the market for used electric cars will soon really start to swarm – Cars

The Finnish car trade is a used car trade.

The proliferation of rechargeable hybrids and all-electric cars, which are heavily wallpapered, is slowed down in particular by the relatively small number of such cars still available when used.

However, according to, which has clarified the matter in more detail, there is already a lot of buzz around used electric cars.

– Now there is a market for a used electric car dealer. The current narrow supply is natural, as electricity is still a more recent driving force, but demand seems to be growing rapidly, the car driver Jenni Tuomisto says in a press release sent by

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The Tori car sales service currently offers a total of about 7,200 rechargeable hybrids and all-electric cars, and in total, various electric cars account for 12.5 percent of all passenger cars sold in the Tori Cars service.

Almost 60 per cent of the respondents to’s survey believe that the biggest slowdown in the spread of all-electric cars, in particular, is still the price level.

In addition, 56 percent say the reason for the slowdown is that the batteries have too short a range.

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A slightly lower number, or 39 percent, mentions the fragmentation of the charging network.

– On the other hand, only 14% see the habit of petrol and diesel as a special slowdown in the development of full electricity. The habit of often having a strong counterforce to change, Tuomisto commented.

The car fleet in Finland is slowly renewing and the country’s car fleet has been obsolete continuously since 2008. Well over half of the passenger car fleet, or 59 per cent, has been registered for use before 2010.

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