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In the spotlight: will the climate law be up to the stakes?

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Question asked on the first page by The Latest News from Alsace: « This Monday, the bill to fight against global warming arrives before the National Assembly. The debate should last three weeks, it promises to be bitter and rich in controversy. »

Indeed, points out the Alsatian daily, “ French parliamentarians have the opportunity in the next two weeks to green a law “climate and resilience” for the moment very pale. It is not that their room for maneuver is enormous now that the committee has wrung out a text already largely watered down upstream, but there may still be room for a little daring who knows. In housing, especially where the stakes are huge and the impact on the daily life of millions of people obvious. »

In fact, continue The Latest News from Alsace, « this text suffers from an almost congenital flaw which means that ecology is visibly always seen only as a necessary evil, a punishment or, at best, an act of resilience which is never more than the other name of renunciation. The real breakthrough would have been to see this now urgent need to change models as a tremendous opportunity, including an economic one, and to reverse the paradigm. Obviously it won’t be this time around. »

Are the Greens a little too bulky in the eyes of the majority?

This Sunday March 28, several thousand demonstrators marched across France. ” In the current pandemic context, this is proof that environmental concerns remain high, relief Release. For macronists, this law, built at the end of the work of the citizens’ convention for the climate, constitutes the cornerstone of the head of state’s green record. A text not up to the challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will relentlessly denounce the environmentalists. Classic, nothing but classic? Not only, analysis Release. The virulence of the attacks on the presidential camp, with Gérald Darmanin and Marlène Schiappa as chief gunners, proves that the presidential camp fears a new green success during the regional elections, after that of the municipal ones, and that this last ballot before the presidential election – if it takes place – definitely puts the Greens at the center of the 2022 battle. »

Diesel resists

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Still, the green revolution will take place slowly, too slowly in the eyes of some. We are not going to change models overnight. Example: the automobile. “ The diesels are resisting ”, notes The Parisian. « In theory, they are part of the old world, and they should be (eventually) swallowed up by the electric revolution. But diesel engines are still attractive, despite public aid for the purchase of a clean vehicle. Occasionally, the enthusiasm is notable. “For low-budget households, the argument of a cheap and economical vehicle outweighs green considerations. Comment from Parisian : « While the battle for more breathable air justifies the measures taken to structurally and radically modify the fleet, but the change will take time. »

Pandemic: more and more closed classes

Also in the news: class closures in schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic are expected to flare up this week.

Indeed, notes The cross, « more than a forecast, it is a certainty: the number of students deprived of school because of the virus will jump. From today, in the 19 most affected departments, school leaders have the obligation to close a class from the first case of Covid, against the third so far. This rule change will mechanically cause a blast effect. The closures will be 20 times more numerous in the coming days. »

This is not the solution, believe The echoes : « Rather than closing schools, it would seem wiser to better arm them against the virus. By making saliva tests compulsory and systematic – twice a week if necessary, as some American universities do. Only 300 000 students and teachers used it last week, out of a total of 12 million students. In question, the government which authorized them only late, and which made the choice of the voluntary service. But even more so the parents, who are only 60% to agree to submit their children to it! »

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