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In the spotlight: the “disappointing” WHO report on the origins of Covid-19

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« Uncertainty about the origin of the virus remains total “, Headlines the Swiss daily The weather like a large part of the international press which does not hide its disappointment after having had access to the report which leaked yesterday – well before its presentation Tuesday afternoon at the headquarters of the WHO.

« All that for this », Laments The evening which underlines that after 27 days of investigation in China, the WHO experts do not comment on ” on the place where the pandemic started, nor on the animals that may have transmitted the virus ». « Mink, pangolin, rabbit, civet, dog, cat or even badger-ferret “, There is no shortage of candidate-hosts – the Belgian newspaper still tracks but” WHO does not decide ».

« The origins of the virus remain unclear “, Abounds the New York Times which points to the shadow of China which has ” repeatedly tried to hijack the investigation to his advantage “. The American daily in particular expresses doubts about one of the conclusions of the report which ” rejects as extremely unlikely The possibility that the virus had emerged from a Chinese laboratory. Doubts shared by almost all of the press, with the exception of course of the Chinese state press which welcomes it loudly and also insists on the fact that the WHO report ” does not rule out that the virus may have emerged outside of China ».

« We may never find the true origins », Estimates an expert in the New York Times, who points out that China is unlikely to accept ” a new independent study on its soil ».

China tightens grip on Hong Kong electoral system

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Chinese leaders approved ” a radical overhaul of the electoral system », Explains the Guardian « so that the city is ruled by the patriots alone », Loyal to Beijing and the Chinese Communist Party. ” This is the latest move to stifle Hong Kong’s democratic movement, after the National Security Act “, Comments the British daily which recalls” the dozens of activists currently prosecuted or imprisoned “. With the repression against the Uyghurs, further notes the Guardian, « lHong Kong’s erosion of democratic freedoms is one of the main fronts between the West and China ».

A showdown that Beijing does not seem to fear, quite the contrary. Chinese State Press Commentary This Morning: “ under external pressure, the central government has never shown any sign of retreat », Notes the Global Times for whom the sanctions imposed by Western countries are ” a desperate struggle that will prove futile ».

US justice under pressure as Derek Chauvin trial opens

Especially after the broadcast yesterday of the video of the last moments of George Floyd, suffocated under the knee of the police officer Derek Chauvin. ” The world has seen George Floyd’s last minutes. Now he will see if he gets justice », Warns the editorial writer of Washington Post who believes that this video has ” revolutionized the thinking of American society on race and justice ». « Under the slogan “Black Lives Matter “, millions of people across the country and around the world took to the streets“, He notes again, recalling that” the American criminal justice system is also on trial, and the whole world is watching “. This is what worries the editorial writer of Daily mirror who wonders ” what pain can calm a troubled America? 10, 25, 40 years old? And should the policeman also be found guilty of being a racist ? “, Wonders the German columnist who is worried” that in the end, too many people will be disappointed ».

An Italian mafioso, on the run, caught up with his passion for cooking

He had been leading a quiet life in Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic for 7 years, says the Guardian– and it could have gone on for a long time if this Mafioso from the Calabrian N’Drangheta had not succumbed to the pleasure of sharing his passion for Italian cuisine. He posted a culinary tutorial on YouTube, where he took care not to show his face but where we clearly see his tattoos. Sufficiently distinctive for the police to identify him and therefore come and arrest him, not for his cooking but for cocaine trafficking.

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