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In the spotlight: Emmanuel Macron at the foot of the wall

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« More than ever under pressure, exclaim The echoes. Emmanuel Macron’s strategy in the face of Covid is under heavy criticism. Doctors who call for much harsher measures and highlight the nightmare of “sorting” patients. Opposition, which, relieved after its decision of non-containment at the end of January, are (now) stepping up to denounce “a real debacle” (like Marine Le Pen on Sunday) or ask (like the ecologist Eric Piolle yesterday) for “measures strong “in the face of” delay “. »

« Emmanuel Macron, who did not rule out last week from taking new measures if necessary and “without taboos”, awaits the figures of this Tuesday, in particular, to measure the effectiveness of the additional restrictive measures taken in the 19 departments in which the situation is most critical. However, as of yesterday, he had a more than symbolic figure in his hand, raises the daily economic : the peak of the second wave in intensive care units is now exceeded with 4 974 Covid patients hospitalized there against 4 903 last November. »

« Even more worrying, according to our information, point Les Échos, catastrophic forecasts were presented yesterday morning to the leaders of hospitals in Paris and Île-de-France. While the number of Covid patients in intensive care is currently in the region a little less than 1 500, this figure could see a very significant increase in the coming days, including if a strict containment was decided. […] If very difficult measures were decided tomorrow Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron could speak tomorrow evening. »


Release for his part is growing impatient. ” What is he waiting for? », Launches the newspaper on the front page. “ Hospitals submerged, epidemic out of control, classes closing, sluggish vaccination … If Emmanuel Macron does not intend to do any MEA culpa, the violence of the third wave places the Île-de-France in particular on the brink of disaster. »

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In a column published by Release, Professor of medical ethics Emmanuel Hirsch, believes that “The alarming situation in hospitals stems from the bet made alone by Emmanuel Macron not to reconfine France last January ».

No new strict and generalized containment

So could we move towards a new strict confinement generalized to the whole of the territory? The world don’t believe it. “If, in the eyes of some hospital directors, the health situation is comparable to that of spring 2020, imposing a confinement on the French like the one which then made it possible to stem the first wave now seems out of reach,” affirms the daily evening. “At the time, the question of acceptability did not arise because we were all stunned and frightened. Since then, other parameters have intervened, economic, educational or related to mental health. Our priority is health, but health in the broad sense, not only linked to Covid-19 “, we explain in the entourage of the Prime Minister. »

What’s more, continues The world, « impose new confinement on the French, after having assured, when the latest restrictions were announced, that the Covid-19 should not prevent us from “taking the air”, seems difficult to understand. In other words, to limit the exponential increase in contamination, the closure of schools would be one of the last possible options. »

The mystery, still, about the origin of Sars-CoV-2

And then a still unanswered question: where does the coronavirus responsible for Covid-19 come from?

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Indeed, we still do not know anything and the report of the recent WHO mission in China does not enlighten us any more. ” A virus at the origin still so uncertain », title Le Figaro. « The results of the international mission on the origins of Sars-CoV-2 will not be officially published until Tuesday, but it has already been reviewed by China and sent under embargo to member states. Many elements have filtered through the press, without shattering revelation. The Director-General of the WHO himself seems convinced that we will have to go further. The report lists several scenarios in order of likelihood, and that of transmission of the virus from a reservoir animal – probably the bat – to humans via another animal is rated “likely to very likely” . »

We do not know more then. ” You have to say, remember Le Figaro, that the international team did not have free rein. WHO experts did not have access to raw data and had to settle for analyzes by Chinese scientists. »

« The essentials for Beijing, pointe Southwest, was to cringe at the idea of ​​a “Chinese virus”. And to refute the idea that it would have masked the gravity of the epidemic during decisive weeks. »

However, deplores South West, « the pandemic is too serious to be held hostage by power reports. If we want to curb it and prevent it from happening again, the collaboration of everyone within WHO and transparency within all Member States is essential. »

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