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In the News: the return of strict confinement?

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According to The Parisian, this is what Emmanuel Macron could decide next Wednesday, to try to contain the galloping advance of the coronavirus in France.

According to this newspaper, on March 31, “ on television, Emmanuel Macron could announce the closure of schools. […] Everything will actually depend on the results of the beginning of the week », However, adds an adviser to the executive in The Parisian. Which daily qualifies as “ black scenario “According to a source” in high place “, Who even confides that” if this worsens and becomes homogeneous throughout the territory, we must not rule out the idea of ​​a spring 2020 type containment ».

Risk “ rare »Atypical thrombosis associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine

To make matters worse, the Medicines Agency confirms the existence of a risk “ rare »Atypical thrombosis associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Few echoes yet in the press, Le Figaro points it to its site, and The Parisian indicate it in “ last minute »In his edition of this Saturday morning. Following the injection of the AstraZeneca vaccine, “ two deaths were reported between March 12 and 18, including that of a Nantes medical student “, Warns the Medicines Agency, quoted by these dailies.

Presentation of the report of the Rwanda Commission

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Historians have studied the politics of France between 1990 and 1994 in Rwanda, period which led to the genocide Tutsi. According to a report of a commission of historians wanted by the Élysée, Paris bears responsibilities “ overwhelming ».

France is “ responsible but not accomplice », abstract Release, wondering if “ welcoming genocidaires to Paris and providing them with advice does not suggest a form of “complicity” ».

Led byInspector General of National Education Vincent Duclert, himself a historian, this commission, for two years, scoured the French archives on Rwanda. “ Basically, it is an ideology marked with colonialist and racist overtones that led France to go astray in Rwanda., States Libé. We already knew, underlines this daily. […] But the fact that a French commission admits it marks a change », Appreciates this diary, while greeting Emmanuel Macron because the French president had “ less reluctance than his predecessors who all refused to open this Pandora’s box ».

The Duclert commission report pointe « the DIt’sdone intellectual From Paris and François Mitterrand. This is what underlines Le Figaro. As this daily notes in the report of the said commission, it is well recorded that the then president and his entourage were “ ideologically blinded “, And their policy led to a” bankruptcy ». This newspaper, however, wonders whether or not this report goes “ sufficient to ease the tensions between France and Rwanda “. In Le Figaro, a specialist in Rwanda thinks he will have to “ days or even weeks to draw real conclusions “. Questioned by this daily, the Élysée confirms that Emmanuel Macron “ hopes to be able to relaunch relations with Kigali “. President “ should go, probably in May, to Rwanda », States again Le Figaro.

In Africa, forest elephants threatened with extinction

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This is the cry of alarm launched by the international union for the conservation of nature. They are « critically endangered “, These pachyderms from African forests, and it is indeed the” last step before their disappearance in the wild », Warns Le Figaro. Victims of both poaching (for their defenses) and the loss of their habitat, forest elephants, who survive in Central and West Africa, saw their numbers drop “ over 86 % in thirty years », Is alarmed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature cited by Le Figaro. « Poaching remains a major existential threat to the elephant », confirmed Le Figaro, but not only… « The animal is also endangered by the exhaustion of certain water points and the scarcity of the fruits on which it feeds. », Completes this daily.

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