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In the midst of a pandemic, Taiwan organizes one of the rare music festivals in the world

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                A music festival with 25,000 spectators, 10 stages and more than a hundred artists over two days, it takes place in Taiwan.  The archipelago claimed by Beijing has not had any new cases of Covid-19 contamination for almost two months.  Result: the world of culture can continue to live.

                                    <p><em>With our special correspondent in Kaohsiung</em>, <strong>Adrien Simorre</strong>

Pogos, beer, and hard-rock… Festival-goers gathered in Kaohsiung, in southern Taiwan, have this weekend become symbols of the archipelago’s success in the face of the pandemic. A success especially allowed by strict quarantines at the entrance of the country.

« Today, we see all these people celebrating when the rest of the world cannot organize big events. This shows that this method was the right one! », Says Yi-Ane, 25 years old.

Despite this success, there is no question of slackening the effort. Masks are mandatory, except in certain outdoor areas, and participants must scan a QR code when entering closed spaces. ” It’s not very intrusive, anyway, estimates Damien, a French engineer who has lived in Taiwan for 11 years. You leave your name and your phone number, for me it’s justified, and then it reassures me a little. »

« Not wanted to trust China »

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Highlight of the show, singer and deputy Freddie Lim ignites the crowd with his group Chtonic. Known for his defense of Taiwanese independence, he has his own explanation for Taiwanese success: ” In recent years, Chinese pressure on Taiwan has intensified from the start of the epidemic, we didn’t want to trust China, nor at the WHO, and we were able to react very quickly. Today, all Taiwanese celebrate this victory together, and in addition, we do it with music! »

The success of the event should encourage festivals to come back to full force. What to occupy the Taiwanese while waiting for the reopening of the borders.

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