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In the headlines: Pope Francis fears a coming to power of Marine Le Pen in France

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It was in private that, on March 15, the Pope confided in members of the citizens’ convention received at the Vatican, reports the magazine. L’Obs. « A friend said to me: “In France, if we continue like this, we will have Marine Le Pen president. ” […] It’s worrying », Said the Pope, reports L’Obs.

Fact, ” the image of the National Gathering improves », pointe Sunday Newspaper. According to an Ifop poll for this weekly, if 58 % of French people find that this political party is ” dangerous for democracy “, This figure is down four points since April 2017, notes The JDD.

Conversely, 42 % of French people think that the National Rally is ” able to rule France », And there, it is three more points in four years, reports again The Sunday Newspaper.

The Pope is worried, but it’s not just him. In this weekly, the Minister of Justice Éric Dupond-Moretti calls Marine Le Pen ” liar “Says she is” incompetent “And that” does not work », Before declaring himself ready to commit to« help Emmanuel Macron during the presidential election next year. The Keeper of the Seals “ no longer excludes »To stand for a ballot.

Emmanuel Macron denies rumors of a scheduled turn of the screw in the face of the progression of the coronavirus epidemic

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« At this hour nothing is decided “, Said the Head of State this Friday March 26 to Sunday Newspaper. « I fully assume our strategy »Vaccine, then hammered Emmanuel Macron, promising to catch up “ in a few weeks The British in terms of people vaccinated.

Right in his boots, Macron? In a column published by the same Sunday Newspaper, around forty Parisian hospital directors say they are preparing for duty “ sort out patients “To deal with the third wave of coronavirus in the Paris region, declaring that” never experienced such a situation, even during the worst terrorist attacks » !

On the right, the president of the Hauts-de-France region Xavier Bertrand (ex-LR) is a candidate for 2022

He said to himself ” totally determined “, Xavier Bertrand, who claims to be” social and popular right », In the magazine Point. On seven pages plus the front page of this weekly, Xavier Bertrand develops his program and warns: “ I will not participate in a primary From the right.

Opening this Monday, March 29 in Paris of the trial of the bombing of Bouaké, in Côte d’Ivoire.

In November 2004, this aerial bombardment left 9 dead and 38 wounded in the ranks of the French army. Three drivers will be judged by default. “ Plumbers », Said Jean Balan to JDD. Lawyer for some of the families of the victims of this deadly bombardment, Maître Balan explains that ” the Bouaké attack would be the product of a Franco-French plan decided at the highest summit of the State (without the death of the French soldiers having been premeditated) with the aim of landing Laurent Gbagbo », Then President of the Ivorian Republic, summarizes The Sunday Newspaper.

Bernard Kouchner heard in the Olivier Duhamel affair

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The Olivier Duhamel affair, named after this political scientist accused of « rape and sexual assault on minors under 15 »In the book of his daughter-in-law Camille Kouchner, The big family. The latter’s father, former minister Bernard Kouchner, was heard. According to Sunday Newspaper, it is last Tuesday that Bernard Kouchner was it by the investigators. The JDD points out that this hearing “ seems to have been the last step before Olivier Duhamel’s summons ».

Olivier Duhamel, whose son, Simon Duhamel, 32, has just been “ remanded in custody “After appearing in court yesterday, following his arrest” drunk, metal bar in hand banging on moving vehicles “In Sanary, in the south of France,” where he owns the family villa », The scene of some of the alleged facts reported in The big family, signal the weekly website Point.

So is the magazine press this week in France.

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