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in the face of restrictions, young and old athletes adapt


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G. Naboulet, G. Messina, R. Laurentin

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Failing to be able to practice indoor sport, club members and other licensees try to meet outside to burn off their energy.
In this context of reinforced restrictions to fight the Covid-19 epidemic, the time has come for the Boulogne-Billancourt skating club (Hauts-de-Seine). While the practice of sport is authorized for minors outdoors, coaches and practitioners have replaced ice with asphalt, and skates with rollerblades. “It compensates a bit, but it sure is not the same feeling as being on ice”, recognizes a young graduate. “I’m just fed up (…), I want to resume skating normally”, confides another.

For adults, club sport is even more limited. In the park of the Palace of Versailles, a fitness room offers outdoor classes, limited to five practitioners. “It’s true that it’s nice, it gives a little breath of fresh air”, testifies one of the participants. But the activity remains unprofitable. “We are at 80% loss of our turnover”, regrets Florian Lacroix, Managing Director of Gym Compagnie.

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