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in the Balkans, China invests and pollutes (a lot)

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                A press review presented in partnership with <em>The Courrier des Balkans.</em>

                                    <p><span><span>In a decade, billions of euros have arrived from China in the Balkans to finance transport infrastructure or energy projects.  Investments that never take into account the environment or the health of local populations.  With the complicity of local governments, attracted by new money, loaned without many conditions by Beijing ... </span></span><span><span>A </span></span><strong><span><span>assessment of this ecological impact</span></span></strong> <strong><span><span>►</span></span></strong> <strong><span><span>In the Balkans, China invests and pollutes (a lot)</span></span></strong><strong>.</strong>

In Greece, the company Cosco obtained, in 2016, the management of the port of Piraeus until 2052. Since then, the Chinese group has continued to expand its activities by building new terminals, but anger is growing in front of the very harsh working conditions imposed on workers and against repeated attacks on the environment. A reportage and our file on China to conquer the Balkans.

In Serbia, the situation of the media and journalists continues to deteriorate, as further demonstrated by the regime’s attacks on the KRIK investigation site. Six journalists associations have slammed the door of the Working Group for the Protection of Journalists, created by the government last December. Our dossier on the authoritarian drift of the Aleksandar Vučić regime. In Montenegro, it is the aggression committed against a journalist from Vijesti television who arouses outrage.

Greece celebrates 200 years of its revolution

Emmanuel Macron was the guest of Greek television ERT, on the eve of the bicentenary of the uprising of 1821. The opportunity to get out of the clichés of Greek nationalism, to flatter the very authoritarian Kyriákos Mitsotákis, a major buyer of Rafale planes, and to point out the “ danger Which would threaten Europe : the refugees…

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To understand this founding moment of modern Greece, historian Christina Koulouri explains how the March 25 uprising is the foundation of modern national identity. It should not be forgotten, however, that the anti-Ottoman insurrection was also led by many people who did not speak Greek, like the Aromanians, whose role is often erased in the stories “ official ». Finally, who are the philhellenes ? What did they go looking for in Greece ? Why did they leave disappointed ? How did they help develop a “ black image »From the Balkans ?

The Balkans still hard hit by Covid-19

The health situation continues to deteriorate in the Balkans, where contamination rates and the number of deaths are breaking every day all the records recorded since the start of the epidemic, while vaccination is delayed everywhere, except in Serbia. Update on the situation day by day, and the situation migrants and refugees on the Balkan route, also severely affected by the epidemic.

In Bulgaria, however, it is theoretically possible to be vaccinated without conditions and without prior registration. The experience of the correspondent of the Courrier des Balkans, a young fifty-something who does not fit into any risk group, who was vaccinated in his hometown of Plovdiv … Story.

In Serbia, it is the health situation in schools that is outrageous. Some do not even have access to running water, the toilets are in a terrible state and parents have to reach out to provide soap. An unacceptable situation in times of epidemic.

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The consequences of the epidemic are also economic. In Croatia, the state conceded a moratorium in spring 2020, suspending debt collection procedures for six months due to the crisis caused by Covid-19. This measure was not extended and it is not less than 410 000 foreclosures or evictions that threaten Croatian households.


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