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in schools, more and more class closures and underestimated contamination

Will the situation of schools in the face of Covid-19 be tenable for a long time to come? While the government remains adamantly opposed to the general closure of schools, the number of closed classes continues to grow, as does contamination of children. The figures published by the Ministry of National Education show a clear acceleration in recent weeks. And the situation could actually be much worse, say the teachers’ unions, which point the finger at the large differences between the figures of their supervisory ministry and those of the health authorities.

According to the latest figures published by the National Education, the number of closed classes literally jumps from one week to another. Friday, March 26, the ministry counted 3,256, or 1,238 more than a week before and an increase of more than 60%. The Créteil academy, on which the departments of Seine-Saint-Denis, Seine-et-Marne and Val-de-Marne depend, is by far the most affected, with 536 closures. And the Lyon academy recorded the largest increase, with 177 classes closed against 24 the previous week, an increase of nearly 640%.

This dynamic could continue to accelerate in the coming days, thanks to the new measures announced on March 26 by the Ministry of National Education. Now, in the 19 departments under “strong braking measures”, classes must be closed as soon as the first case of Covid-19 is discovered. Enough to increase the number of class closings, which should be known at the end of the week.

The list of the number of fully closed establishments could also grow. On Friday, the ministry counted 148, against 80 a week earlier, an increase of 85%. These closures have so far mainly concerned schools (116). In secondary education, only 22 colleges and 10 high schools were stopped on March 26.

But for the unions, these official figures would be very far from reality. “Some establishments are declared as open even though they operate without teachers”, says Guislaine David, spokesperson for Snuipp, the majority union of school teachers. Teachers also point to the number of contaminations reported by the Ministry of National Education, which is far below the results published by the health authorities.

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Thus, on March 26, the National Education counted 21,183 positive cases among students from kindergarten to high school, over a week, while Public Health France, the body responsible for monitoring the epidemic, declares more than 57 000 new contaminations for those under 20 years old. Of which more than 80% are under 18, according to the epidemiological bulletin of March 25.

In reality, the figures published by the National Education are based on declarations. “The ministry only lists the number of cases reported by parents to the management of schools. Except that nothing obliges families to declare that their children are infected”, explains Guislaine David. A real problem for the unions, who claim that a large number of parents do not alert schools in the event of a positive test. “It happens regularly that children tell their teacher that mom and dad are sick. They have the Covid”, assures Guislaine David. Heads of school do not have any say in the results of tests carried out in schools. “Here again, only parents have access to it and they are not obliged to inform management in the event of a positive test”, specifies the union official.

Guislaine David denounces an increasingly untenable situation. “Schools are now operating in degraded mode. More and more teachers are declared contact cases and are not replaced. As a result, we have overcrowded classes in which children are massed. Quite the opposite of what we are asking for. health protocol. It is no longer possible to operate like that. “

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