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in schools, classes closed from the first positive case



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​S. Ricottier, J. Lonchampt, M.-P. Cassignard, B. Six, W. Kamli, S. Guibout, M. Mouamma, A. D’Abrigeon – franceinfo

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If the schools remain open despite the epidemic situation, Jean-Michel Blanquer however specified, Friday March 26, that a class would be closed as soon as a positive case is identified (against three previously) in the 19 departments concerned by the strengthening restrictions.
Until then, three positive cases had to be identified to lead to the closure of a class. Now, in the 19 departments subject to increased restrictions, only one will be needed. This is what Jean-Michel Blanquer announced on Friday March 26. On the Sevran side (Seine-Saint-Denis), around fifteen staff members have fallen ill in recent days according to the FCPE. The classes thus had to be reorganized. Some parents, worried about the health of their children, are calling for the school to be closed, at least temporarily.

A decision that the government refuses to take, despite the surge in the incidence rate among those over 0-19 years old, which stands at 299 per 100,000 inhabitants and has just passed the peak of the second wave. “There is a very strong transmission in the schools, especially if the canteen is not well secured, if the schools are poorly ventilated”, warns Professor Antoine Flahault, epidemiologist and director of the Institute for Global Health in Geneva (Switzerland). On the side of Lille (North), the parents of pupils of a school identifying few positive cases are opposed to such a decision. In a Parisian college, the principal pleads for an alternation of the students present, as in high school. 3,256 classes are currently closed in France.

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