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in Russia admired the success of Shcherbakova, Tuktamysheva and Trusova at the World Cup – RT in Russian

Russian women Anna Shcherbakova, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Alexandra Trusova are creating a new history of figure skating. This was stated by the President of the FFKKR Alexander Gorshkov, commenting on the success at the World Championships in Stockholm. Natalya Bestemyanova compared the singles tournament with a detective novel, Elena Buyanova recalled the difficult path of each medalist, Irina Slutskaya complained about the lack of competition from representatives of other countries, and commentator Dmitry Guberniev expressed respect for the athletes’ coaches.

The singles tournament as part of the World Figure Skating Championship ended with the triumph of the Russians, who took the entire podium. The unprecedented success of Anna Shcherbakova, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Alexandra Trusova did not leave anyone indifferent. Specialists, experts and fans worried along with the athletes, and then did not hold back their admiration and joy.

Of course, representatives of the three coaching staffs were among the first to react to the outstanding result. They congratulated the wards and noted the uniqueness of their achievement. So, the choreographer of the Eteri Tutberidze group, Daniil Gleikhengauz, recalled what a difficult path Shcherbakova had to overcome to win gold.

“There are almost no strengths and emotions left, we are happy! We went through many trials together for this victory! Thanks to everyone who was mentally with us and believed in our victory! You give us strength and confidence! The Olympic season is ahead and there is a lot of work! ” – wrote Gleichengauz on Instagram.

Tuktamysheva’s mentor Alexei Mishin admitted that even before the start of the championship he felt that the ward was waiting for success. He noted the importance of her silver for all athletes who are considered older than younger rivals.

“Elizaveta Tuktamysheva is the Statue of Liberty for figure skaters who are over 20 years old. Lisa is holding a torch in the same way, which illuminates the words – girls, work and you will be on the world pedestal. Don’t panic, don’t quit. Fight! Step over your difficult period in life, no one ordered you the way to the podium, “- quotes Mishin” Sport-Express “.

In “Angels Plushenko” Trusova was called a fighter, because after a failure in the short program, she did not give up and took a risk, claiming five quadruple jumps.

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“I climbed from 12th place to the podium, received a small gold medal for the victory in the free program. Congratulations to the coaching staff of the academy, the group of Evgeny Plushenko, Dmitry Mikhailov, Sergei Alekseev, ”the school said in a statement.

The Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) also congratulated the athletes on their success.

“This evening was full of sports drama. But, our girls turned out to be the best, which I am immensely happy about. As far as I know, the whole podium in figure skating is ours for the first time. We are making a new history, “said the president of the organization, Alexander Gorshkov, to SE.

Most of the experts appreciated the unexpected scenario in which the competition developed. Despite serious applications for medals after the short program of Shcherbakova and Tuktamysheva, none of the leading skaters managed to avoid mistakes, so the fate of the prizes remained unknown until the last.

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The 1988 Olympic champion Natalya Bestemyanova stressed that the awards were given to Russian women “with blood and sweat.”

“The girls today just wrote us a detective novel. When a brilliant director creates a film, you do not know how it will end, and today it was that way. Until the last second, we did not understand, did not know how everything would be distributed. This is great, real happiness, “- quotes the words of Bestemyanova TASS.

In turn, the first Russian world champion Maria Butyrskaya said that all the skaters are winners in their own way, since each of them did something unusual: Shcherbakova and Trusova climbed to the podium of the debut world championship, and Tuktamysheva won silver six years after the 2015 triumph …

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“Today was a nervous ending. The girls did not avoid mistakes. Everyone really wanted to be the first. But we were the best. I am very happy for each of them! Each made her own small victory … It’s cool, this has never happened in history! Absolute clever girls! Everyone would like to congratulate and thank for what they have done! ”, – said Butyrskaya to Sport24.

However, for some, this success did not come as a surprise. Silver medalist of the 2012 World Championship Alena Leonova noted that there was hope for such a result even before the start of the competition. Finally, she was affirmed in this opinion only after the unsuccessful rental of the main rival of the Russians, Ricky Kihira. Choreographer Ilya Averbukh shared a similar position.

“Through hardships, each came to her medal. Bravo to Sasha Trusova, who skated such a difficult free program. Only a gross mistake in the short did not allow her to fight for gold. Tuktamysheva is a great fellow, just bravo. Six years after the World Cup, taking a medal is worth a lot. Her tears speak about it. This is the merit of everyone – Liza, and Alexei Mishin, and everyone else. Shcherbakova is also just a fine fellow. Not everything worked out in the free program, but she proved to be a real fighter, she skated to the end, “- Averbukh quotes” Championship “.

The famous coach Elena Buyanova also recalled the difficult path of each of the skaters. Throughout the season, the athletes were haunted by injuries and illnesses, Shcherbakova and Trusov suffered the coronavirus, and unsuccessful results sometimes led to a flurry of criticism.

“There are never easy paths in sports. And this is more meaningful for everyone. Anya and Sasha are debutants of such an adult tournament, and they are on the podium. Liza, of course, just admires – this girl goes through the years, through the distances, through the walls, and she is on the podium, ”said Buyanova.

Alexander Zhulin, who specializes in ice dancing, also noted the uniqueness of each of the medalists. According to him, Trusova is an “absolute phenomenon” in modern figure skating, and she lacks quite a bit to leave no chances to her rivals. And Tuktamysheva is a heroine, as she “erases the lines between puberty and non-puberty.”

“How can you assess this? It is fantastic! This is amazing! And I am very, very happy for the girls. They are just phenomenal. Sasha Trusova is a hero, they go for five quads, very few people can do it … Tuktamysheva is amazing. I’m incredibly happy for her. What she does is fantastic. An absolutely worthy second place, “Zhulin is sure.

Honored trainer of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova also reacted emotionally to the result.

“This is great happiness! All three of our girls are on the podium! In women’s figure skating, this has never happened before – this is a unique case. Thank them very much for their work, riding, variety. We thank the girls for working hard and being able to do such difficult things. They are our pride! We bow to them in the legs “, – quotes Tarasov” Championship “.

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At the same time, the women’s tournament left an ambiguous impression on some specialists due to the failure of most of the Russian competitors. According to the two-time world champion Irina Slutskaya, before, after the falls, it was impossible to count on awards.

“I’m proud of our girls, but it’s sad that there was no rivalry from other countries. They poured down, not having time to step on the ice. The last workout was all lying. This is something unprecedented for the World Cup … Maybe a lockdown, a pandemic prevented me from preparing. On the other hand, it plays into our hands. We have been training for a long time. And our pedestal is something delicious. It’s nice to watch the smiling, joyful eyes of our girls, ”Slutskaya shared her opinion.

Representatives of other sports did not remain aside from the success of Shcherbakova, Tuktamysheva and Trusova. The famous football agent Dmitry Selyuk proposed to assign Tutberidze the title of Hero of Russia and compared her with the outstanding rhythmic gymnastics coach Irina Viner-Usmanova. Commentator Dmitry Guberniev also paid tribute to the figure skaters mentors.

“Everyone deserves warm words. Shcherbakova is a fine fellow. It was curious to watch her listen to Tchaikovsky’s melody. Tuktamysheva is a beauty, Trusova’s breakthrough is heroism. This is real pride. We are number one in figure skating. I kneel down in front of all the coaches: Mishin, Moskvina, Tutberidze, Plushenko with my school. Figure skating is a national sport. Our girls are great workers, we are innovators in this sport. This is incredibly nice, ”Guberniev noted.

Tina Kandelaki, General Producer of Match TV, also shared her impressions. She admitted that it was difficult for her to find words to describe this achievement of the Russian women.

“Firstly, Sasha Trusova (and to hell with the final protocol) showed herself to be exactly that – a new generation – an athlete. Two unsuccessful (for myself!) Rentals and still bronze! The stock is incredible. Secondly, the brilliant performance of Liza Tuktamysheva. She cried, realizing that she had bronze, but received more than deserved silver, because Rika Kihira simply broke down under the pressure of our girls. And thirdly. In the main ones. In gold. Anya Shcherbakova melted the ice of the Swedish arena. No fall could and did not break her! ” – wrote Kandelaki in her Telegram channel.

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