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in Paris, the demonstrators denounce the “treason” of the executive

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                At the call of several hundred environmental organizations, tens of thousands of demonstrators marched on Sunday in Paris to demand "a real climate law equal to the ecological emergency" while the "Climate and Resilience" bill will be considered Monday in the National Assembly.

                                    <p>"Our goal is to have a 'real' Climate law", launches Marie Cohuet, spokesperson for Alternatiba, a citizen movement to mobilize on climate change.  Like her, many activists dressed in a yellow vest flocked "Nonviolent Action - Cop-21" ("resistance" branch of the movement) pave the steps of the Paris Opera while waiting for 2 pm, the time of departure of the demonstration. for the climate.

On the eve of the consideration in the National Assembly of the “Climate and Resilience” bill, resulting in particular from the work of the 150 citizens of the Climate Convention, gatherings took place on Sunday March 28 in “near 160 “cities” all over France “, at the call of many organizations. In Paris, the demonstration brought together some 55,000 people, according to the organizers, who claim 110 000 demonstrators in all of France.

The measures adopted are a “drop in the ocean”

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Associations for the defense of the environment, political parties, citizens… All are calling for a more ambitious ecological policy, which, according to them, is not proposed by the bill about to be examined by the legislator. “We know that deputies still have the power to act, they can still table amendments,” insists Marie Cohuet. “There are amendments that have been tabled, and now we will have to vote on them to enhance the ambition of the text. It is not too late.”

In the procession, which sets off shortly after 2 p.m. in the direction of Place de la République, the signs compete with inventive slogans. “Cardboard policies, in the yellow bin”, “the caps are cooked”, “death to the patriarchy, not to the climate”, “Ministry of Ecological Treason” …

“Betrayal” is what the demonstrators present believe they are victims of. “The measures of the Citizens’ Convention for the Climate, if they had been taken up as such by the government, would have enabled France to reach its objectives of -40% of greenhouse gas emissions (by 2030, Editor’s note), but in terms of transcription into law, it is a real betrayal of what had been promised by the executive, “contends the spokesperson for Alternatiba.

“I’m angry!”, Breathes Camille, 26, for his part. “We were made to dangle things but the government did nothing with seriousness and relevance”, she continues, waving a sign on which appears the slogan “State lying, future in tears”. According to her, the measures adopted by the government are a “drop in the ocean”, and if she says she is “pessimistic” about the future, she refuses, however, to qualify this event – the first in which she participates – last chance. “Being on the streets is a sign of protest that they cannot ignore,” she says. “This should not be seen as the end of a fight, because other battles will still have to be fought, tomorrow or in ten years, against climate change.”

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                    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="fr" dir="ltr">Camille, 26 years old.  "I am angry, because the government has dangled things at us, but the measures chosen are a drop in the ocean!", She said.<br/>"The <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#MarcheForClimat</a> is a sign of protest that they cannot ignore! " <a href=""></a></p>- Pauline Rouquette (@rqpauline) <a href="">March 28, 2021</a></blockquote> 

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