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In New Delhi, no vaccine for waste sorters


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Ragpickers in New Delhi do not have access to the vaccine against Covid-19. Yet they are on the front line.
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With bare hands, without masks or drinking water, rag pickers in New Delhi (India) collect and sort waste. But due to lack of resources and priority, they do not have access to the vaccine against the coronavirus. “Civil servants have the right to the vaccine, the police have the right to the vaccine, testifies one of them. And we, we are not human beings? We collect garbage from your homes, if one of us gets sick it can infect ten more. ”

More than 1,300 tons of garbage are dumped in a landfill, forming a heap taller than a 17-story building. Every day, thousands of people come to search there to retrieve what they can. After sorting, the waste is resold, ensuring an income of about two euros per day, barely enough to eat. “We are selling a lot less because of the pandemic”, explains a woman.

“Our income has gone down. How do we pay for vaccines when we have such a hard time getting by every day?” These waste sorters have no official status, although their role is essential for the environment. According to the Chintan research group, this recycling system saves local government $ 50 million and eliminates 900,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

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