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In Moselle, home saliva tests for 2,000 nursery children

“You are going to spit in a tube for the test of agreement? It is for the small virus”, asks a mother to her daughter in front of the doors of a Moselle nursery. After high schools, colleges and schools, saliva tests to detect the coronavirus land in nurseries. The experiment will take place in Moselle, in ten days: the parents of 2,000 children, on a voluntary basis, will test their children before bringing them in the morning.

A home test

The sample will be taken at home with a kit that the parents were able to collect at the nursery. Objective: collect a milliliter of saliva in a tube, which is not always easy with toddlers. “Either your child knows how to spit and you are in luck otherwise you have to open the tube and retrieve the pipette that is placed under the tongue”, explains Charles Pax, the director of the Espace Bio laboratory. Before adding: “we are lucky because the smaller the children, the more they drool.”

A method that puzzles some parents. “Mine is very small so I don’t really know. He won’t spit!”, Launches a mother. But she changed her mind: “if it can help fight this virus and we get out of this situation …”.

Reassure the nursery staff

For Isabelle Luc, the early childhood assistant in the city of Metz, these tests carried out at home are also a means of “reassuring the professionals”. “The big concern, when we welcome children in the morning, is that there are other things to do than stand in line for a test,” she continues.

The municipalities of Nantes and Versailles, but also the Association of Mayors of France contacted the Moselle teams to be inspired by their protocol.

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