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in Guyana, “the vaccination of people over 30 will provide more protection”, says the ARS

“The people of 75 years are only a few thousand and they have been vaccinated”, explains to franceinfo the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Guyana.
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Guyana’s Regional Health Agency (ARS) announced on Tuesday March 30 that it was opening up vaccination against the coronavirus to the population over 30 years old. “By vaccinating the youngest, in their thirties and forties, we hope to further protect the territory from the risk of propagation and importation”, explained on franceinfo the director of ARS Guyana Clara De Bord, while the Brazilian variant currently represents a third of positive cases in the territory.

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“The population of Guyana is 300,000 people who are on average very young”, also explained the director of the ARS. “We do not have the same age pyramid as in France at all. The 75-year-olds are only a few thousand and they have been vaccinated.”

This enlargement, she explains, is also possible “as we finally have important doses which are announced in April” and “this Tuesday we opened our first large vaccination center in Cayenne.”

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“We have 19,000 doses which are announced for the month of April”, detailed Clara De Bort. “These doses will increase further since around 42,000 are expected in May. So Guyana, like the rest of the territory, will really benefit from a massive increase in deliveries”, she finished.

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