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in Guyana, the new vaccine strategy attracts Brazilians


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France 3

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H.Huet, Guyane la 1ere, P.Bouchetou

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France 3

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The commune of Saint-Georges-de-l’Oyapock (Guyana) vaccinates the French, but not only. Since last weekend, dozens of Brazilians have reportedly crossed the border illegally to receive an injection.

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Between Guyana and Brazil, the border is closed and it is forbidden to go to the French department without an authorization. However, some still try their luck by boat. “We were surprised not long ago by a massive influx of Brazilians, and we took out everything we could get out on the water, we are at maximum capacity, explains Major Christophe Revoux, of the border police. (…) On vaccination days, we will be present for as long as it takes.”

The sudden influx of Brazilians comes from the change in vaccine strategy in Guyana. All adults can now benefit from an injection. “I work in passenger transport, I am a driver, and I am in contact with a lot of people every day“, justifies a Brazilian, who managed to get vaccinated. Only a few Brazilian patients are in theory allowed to have an injection. Faced with the outbreak of the epidemic in the Amazonian territories, however, some try to come clandestinely in order to be vaccinated in Guyana.

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