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In Brazil, two heavyweights of the Bolsonaro government resign

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                Two key Jair Bolsonaro ministers, Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo, and Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva, resigned on Monday as the Brazilian president faces increasing pressure to respond more seriously to the health crisis .

                                    <p>In the midst of a health disaster, the Brazilian Minister of Defense, Fernando Azevedo e Silva, created a surprise on Monday March 29 by announcing that he was leaving his post.  A few hours earlier, the head of diplomacy, Ernesto Araujo, had already tendered his resignation to President Jair Bolsonaro.

“I am leaving the Ministry of Defense with the certainty of having accomplished my mission,” General and former Chief of Staff Fernando Azevedo e Silva said in a statement, without specifying the reason for his departure.

According to the GloboNews news channel, the Minister of Defense left his post at the request of the Head of State.

Shortly before the announcement, which took all observers by surprise, a government source confirmed that Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo had submitted his resignation, which has yet to be accepted by the head of state.

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Health policy fiasco

The resignation of Ernesto Araujo, an ideologue close to the far-right president, was expected, unlike that of the army chief.

After General Eduardo Pazuello, who left his post as Minister of Health two weeks ago, the head of diplomacy was also implicated in the fiasco of Brazil’s anti-coronavirus policy.

While the country has passed 312,000 deaths in one year and hospitals are saturated, Ernesto Araujo has been facing increasing pressure from parliamentarians for his departure for a week.

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The latter hold him responsible for the delays in the deliveries of doses of imported vaccines and of the active ingredients to manufacture them.

“Many mistakes have been made in the fight against the pandemic, one of them is the lack of productive diplomatic relations with countries that could have collaborated with Brazil at this time of crisis”, lamented the President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, last week.

Ernesto Araujo was one of the most enthusiastic members of the “ideological wing” of the Bolsonaro government, a staunch detractor of globalization and a fervent admirer of former US President Donald Trump.

The government has not yet communicated any name but one of the personalities approached to replace him is the current Brazilian ambassador to France, Luiz Fernando Serra.

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