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In Bamako, a demonstration against foreign troops in Mali

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                At the call of several Malian associations, a few dozen Malians gathered in Bamako on Friday to denounce the insecurity in central and northern Mali, as well as the action of foreign troops on the spot.  The small crowd also announced its support for the Malian army.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Bamako,</em> <strong>Serge Daniel</strong>

The national anthem of Mali is sung at the start of the rally. But there aren’t many people at the Bamako Labor Exchange. However, those present gave voice. On the placards, banners and even banners, slogans against French troops, against foreign troops in Mali.

Everyone chooses their words like Issa Cissé, a protester: “ Mobilization is the continuity of the movement which today really consists in imperatively fighting against colonial penetration into our territory. »

In the sparse crowd, there are a lot of young people. The atmosphere is rather good-natured. There is support for the Malian army. Some Russian flags are visible, as if to invite Russia to intervene.

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Other speakers continued to denounce the insecurity in the north and to criticize foreign troops in Mali, such as Oumar Timbiné, a student: “ There is the foreign force that is there, which has actually come to support the Malian army, while so far there have been killings. It becomes incessant. We do not manage to understand that. The demonstration went off without incident.

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