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In Alabama, a vote count was launched on the organization of Amazon workers – Abroad

If the majority were in favor of joining the union, the employees of the Bessemer warehouse center would be the first in the company’s history to join a union.

In Alabama, USA, on Tuesday, the counting of votes from Amazon warehouse workers on a possible union was started.

If the majority supports joining, the workers will join the Retail and Wholesale Workers Union (RWDSU), which will begin negotiating working conditions with Amazon. RWDSU would represent a total of 5,800 employees at the Bessemer Center.

Employees at the Bessemer warehouse center would be the first in the history of the e-commerce giant to join a union if the organizational efforts go through.

Over the years, the company has come under severe criticism for its working conditions.

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Voting at e-commerce giant Bessemer’s warehousing center in Alabama began as early as last month, and votes have been cast by mail. Distortions related to the legality of votes cast by employees may prolong the counting of votes by days.

The counting of votes takes place behind closed doors and is counted by the national employment authorities.

The validity of votes may be challenged on the basis, among other things, if the voter has incorrectly marked his or her job role or put his or her signature in the wrong place.

Amazon claims the alliance is unnecessary

Amazon has not officially said it opposes the unions, but the e-commerce giant has been running a fierce campaign in Alabama claiming the union is unnecessary.

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The company has said the majority of its employees are reluctant to join the union and defended its own practices, such as the $ 15 minimum wage the company has been offering to its employees since 2018.

In a recent statement to the news agency AFP, a company representative also stressed that employees will be provided with health care and a safe workplace from day one.

An Amazon spokesman also said the company urged all its employees to vote for the organization in Alabama.

However, in the wake of the organizational vote, the company has set up a website and distributed leaflets urging employees to vote against organizational intentions.

Finnish time on Wednesday morning was previously established by Amazon #DoItWithoutDuesHowever, the site no longer seemed to open, even though the site was still found through Google’s search service.

The tendency to organize can cause a chain reaction

Trade unions and political leaders have argued that Amazon workers are under constant pressure and under surveillance, in addition to criticizing the safety of working conditions, among other things.

Bessemer’s effort to organize may lead to the union’s dreams being taken forward in other Amazon locations as well. In addition, the efforts may spread to other companies.

Also the current president of the United States Joe Biden has said it supports the right of Amazon workers to join a union and stressed that intimidation, coercion, threats or anti – union propaganda should not be allowed. He said at the turn of the month that every employee should be free to decide whether or not to join the union.

Biden has also promised to be the most union-friendly president in the country’s history.

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