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Imprisonment of a visitor who stole a bank client under duress – localities – incidents and cases

The Dubai Appeals Court upheld a ruling by the Criminal Court to imprison an African visitor for six months and deport him, and imposed a fine of 90,665 dirhams, after he was found guilty of participating with others fleeing in forming a gang targeting bank clients, and they managed to steal the amount of 90 thousand and 665 dirhams From an (Asian) person after he withdrew the money from the bank, as they tracked him down and intercepted his car with their car, assuming the status of policemen, then they stole the money and fled, and the Dubai police managed to arrest the accused and are searching for his accomplices.

A witness from the Dubai police said in the investigations of the Public Prosecution that he investigated the accused, who confirmed in detail the incident, indicating that he and others formed a gang, and on the day of the incident they went to a bank to target its users, after they had withdrawn large sums of money.

He added that the accused confessed that they saw a person leaving the bank in a commercial center, so they watched him and joined him by a vehicle they rented for this purpose, then intercepted his car, and one of the gang members got off claiming that he was a policeman, assaulted the victim and stole the sums he had. That his share of the theft was 12,000 dirhams.

The victim said during the investigations of the Public Prosecution that he went to the bank branch located in one of the commercial centers, and withdrew an amount of 90 thousand 665 dirhams for purposes related to his work, and did not notice that someone was monitoring him or monitoring his movements, then he left the center normally and boarded his vehicle and drove On the road to Sheikh Zayed, until he was surprised by another car containing a number of people with African features, blocking his way after one of its passengers waved to him to stop, which confused him, pointing out that they forced him to stop, then one of them got out and hit him in the face and head until he was injured Then they stole the money from the car and ran away.

The appeals court upheld the criminal court’s ruling to imprison the accused for six months and deport him, and added to the ruling a fine of 90,665 dirhams.

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