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Immerse yourself in the world of “Whales” at the La Rochelle Natural History Museum

This exhibition is a trip around the world, to understand and discover the links that link whales to humans. It is also a journey through history, to the time of prehistoric man, more than 7000 years ago, with representations of these sea monsters. The exhibition will soon be filmed and posted online. In the meantime, it is possible to discover it in this report from France 3 La Rochelle.

Whale, from Bangudae to La Rochelle shows to what extent these marine animals occupy an important place on our planet through interactive installations and ethnographic objects (baleen, skulls, teeth, skeletons …) The central space is composed of a map of the world then the exhibition is divided into four parts.

Whale skeleton  (France Televisions / France 3 La Rochelle)

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The first, as an introduction, presents cetaceans and their diversity. The second looks at the link between whales and humans. These animals are, for example, venerated by the Poylnesians and hunted by the Inuit. Visitors then step back in time in front of the life-size replica of the Bangudae wall in Korea with depictions of whales.

“On this wall, it’s a sort of summary of the history of these Neolithic populations”, specifies Elise Patole-Edoumba, director of the Museum.

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Life-size replica of the Bangudae wall in Korea with representations of whales (France Télévisions / France 3 La Rochelle)

Finally, the fourth part of this exhibition presents the current situation of whales, a now endangered species. “They are like many marine mammals subject to strong human pressure, particularly due to fishing. They are caught in nets. There is also the pollution generated by men. They are under great stress and the number of animals is decreasing. every year”.

Many surprising, immersive and fun devices punctuate the visit. Unfortunately, it is impossible for the moment to discover this impressive world. A virtual tour will soon be posted on the Museum’s website. As for the museum, it will reopen its doors as soon as the health situation permits. The exhibition is scheduled until September 5, 2021.

Immersive device of the Whale exhibition in La Rochelle (France Télévisions / France 3 La Rochelle)

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