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I’m not such an idiot to break phones – RT in Russian

Russian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Magomed Bibulatov described his ideal day.

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“I really like to sleep, so I would not wake up until lunchtime. In the evening I would go to the hall, and spend the day at home. Honestly, I rarely get out somewhere. Sitting in a restaurant is a rarity for me, “Bibulatov told RT.

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The fighter also talked about his hobby for games.

“I can play video games in my free time. If possible, then on the computer, no – on the phone. Yes, not the brightest life: home – training, training – home. I can meet friends, but the problem is that I myself live in Grozny, and they live in the village. Therefore, we usually see each other once every two weeks. I mostly play PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battlaground). It turns out pretty well. I would give myself a “four” myself. They call me to take part in various tournaments, but I refuse. I know that I will most likely lose there, ”he said.

Bibulatov also answered the question of how he experiences failures in video games and whether he broke gamepads.

“It can be very annoying, but to break the phone … I’m not such an idiot (laughs). Still buying a new one because of this. Plus, it’s not the process itself that makes me angry, but my friends, with whom I play on the same team, as well as cheaters. If I see this, I immediately send a complaint. True, once this happened to me. ”

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Earlier, Bibulatov told how much he drove as much as possible.

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