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Ilkka Herola earned more than 5 1000 euros from his peak season, which brought World Cup silver – Combined

Ilkka Herola was the Finnish euro king of skiing this season.

Combined athlete Ilkka Herola was Finland ‘s number one name for international skiing in international snow.

Herola, 25, reached two second and two third places in the combined World Cup. From the World Championships in Obertsdorf, Herola returned to the normal hill with a silver medal.

The most successful period of his career is also reflected in Herola’s account bag. Herola earned a total of 33,610 euros in prize money from the World Cup. The pot is fattened by the bonus of the best skier of the season, which amounted to 3,000 Swiss francs, or about 2,700 euros.

In the overall World Cup competition, Herola finished seventh, an unfortunate eight points from sixth-placed Austria Johannes Lamparterista and an investment bonus of FRF 1,400. No bonuses came off in seventh place.

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From the World Championships, Herola earned a total of 17,720 euros in success bonuses from the international ski association Fis and the Finnish Ski Association. In total, Herola thus earned approximately EUR 51,330 in prize money during the period.

Finished 16th in the overall competition Eero Hirvonen earned € 6,570 in prize money from the World Cup. Hirvonen earned 750 euros from the World Championships, which means that his total income was 7,320 euros.

On merit Herola is by far the number one in the list of earnings of Finnish ski athletes. Ilta-Sanomat said earlier this week that Finnish cross-country skiers earned the most this season. Krista Pärmäkoski, a total of about 24,800 euros.

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The best male skier Iivo Niskanen had to settle for approximately € 13,600 in roadblocks during this period. The foremost of the biathletes was Mari Eder, a modest 1,700 euros.

Combined skiers with the most prize money from the World Cup earned the Cup overall competition winner Norway Jarl Magnus Riiber, approximately 107,000 euros.

The amounts mentioned are mere prize money for competitions. Many athletes earn extra euros from, for example, advertising and co-operation agreements.

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