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Ile Uusivuori published a talkative video about her family’s laundry – curse words fly while Marja Hintikka is lying in the middle of the floor – Entertainment

Laundry is not a favorite of the host couple.

The perpetual laundry rumba is a familiar thing to many families with children. Also a presenter Ilkka “Ile” Uusivuori know how much laundry is created in an infant family and how impossible it can seem to cope with it.

Uusivuori has three children together with their spouses Marja Hintikan with. On his Instagram account, Uusivuori is in pain with the family’s big laundry mountain and says he really hates washing.

Uusivuori posted a video in the Stories section of his account, in which Hintikka lies paralyzed in the middle of a pile of laundry lying on the floor. There is a large mound of clean laundry around Hintika lying on its stomach, which Uusivuori should scythe.

– The lost in the laundry mountain cannot be recovered … Berry and the laundry mountain, quite scattered, Uusivuori walks with his video with the children screaming in the background.

In his next video, Uusivuori introduces the neat rolls he is supposed to make from the whole laundry pile.

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– It’s a week’s worth here again. That’s where the reels are made. Let’s fight, damn it, Uusivuori curses.

– I hate this with all my heart, he adds.

Ile Uusivuori and Marja Hintika have three children who were born in 2013, 2015 and 2017. The couple has previously told on social media about their toddler daily life and peak years.

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