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Iivo Niskanen’s all-time profit margin – Cross-country skiing

Iivo Niskanen’s superiority says a lot about the potential of other Finnish men in free skiing.

Iivo Niskasen The Finnish Championships in Saukkovaara, Ristijärvi, culminated in the third gold medal on Sunday, with a crushing performance.

Where Niskanen 2016 won the 50 km (p) Finnish Championships in Kuusamo with a difference of 5.06 minutes to the second, in Ristijärvi on the same trip now a difference of as much as 5.39 minutes was created on skis.

It is the largest winning margin in the history of the Finnish Championships during modern skiing.

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Niskanen would currently be ranked between 6 and 10 among the world champions in the form of a Sunday competition with equal equipment.

It is appropriate to consider what the creepy rail says about the potential of other Finnish men with free skiing technology.

Question on the subject Niskanen dodged diplomatically skilfully.

The competition in the heavy water jacket was the most brutal endurance sport.

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– Keli did his job, he also had to skate on the slopes and the rods hit him all the time, which required a lot of muscle endurance.

Niskanen’s victory was mostly a matter of announcement, but at the age of 37 Kari Variksen the silver medal might surprise many. Of course, Neck, who knows a man’s characteristics.

The first The North Karelian, who already achieved his Finnish Championship medal in 2004, is a familiar name to the followers of the sport.

He also won Finnish Championship gold medals when he skied in the hard team of Kouvola Ski Club Ville Nousiainen and Juha Lallukan with.

– He has skied a lot of marathons in Central Europe with just free equipment, and these difficult conditions are suitable for him. If you skied 100 kilometers on the ice of the lake, “Karppa” would be a rock-hard guy, Niskanen would freak out.

Varis made his debut at the World Cup as early as 2004 and skied at that level at the last Lahti World Cup in the national group in 2020. The only value representation hit the 2011 World Championships in Oslo.

Varis admitted that it was frustrating at the time to be practically the first man in several springs to be left out of the superior A national team in terms of resources.

– At that time, I had to use my only resources to practically camp at a high place, Varis, who camped several times in Italy on the Val Senales glacier, said.

First personal SM medal for seven years took Perttu from Hyvärinen on a loan of skis to a space moved by a skier at the finish.

– I still really like training and competing. In parallel I have set up a company called Varis Group, which provides forest services. For example, I do deforestation and reforestation, which means quite manual labor. At the time, I did not complete my university studies in economics.

In addition, Varis, who lives in Joensuu, trains juniors at the Liperi Ski Club.

Kari Varis (left) stretched second, Iivo Niskanen (center) won by a landslide and Ristomatti Hakola won bronze in the 50 km freestyle Finnish Championships.­

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