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Iivo Niskanen tied for the Finnish championship – Cross-country skiing

The Finnish championship, taken by Iivo Niskanen without holding creams, is probably the first of its kind.

Ristijärvi At Saukkovaara, there was speculation during the men’s 15-kilometer (p) SM start on Friday whether many top-tier men would venture into the 166-meter total ascent route entirely without holding creams, relying on a tie.

Vain Iivo Niskanen eventually did so, and was a sovereign champion on a heavy water slide with a margin of 35 seconds Cross mat to Hakola.

At the World Cup disappointed Niskanen was on the toughest of the route’s 41-meter main ascent, which went like the other branch.

– I wanted to start challenging myself, said the master, for whom Ristijärvi and Saukkovaara are quite familiar places Saana-wife’s kinship.

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In one way, Niskanen’s 7th personal (including posts 14th) was historical, at least to the best of the venue’s knowledge. It is known that no one else has previously won the Finnish Skiing Championship with traditional technology without holding creams.

– At least it doesn’t come to mind, Niskanen said.

In recent years, Niskanen has also practiced tremendous push-ups to develop his speed of free technology. Sometime in the future, the man will also be burning to try fitness in the Extra Long Distance Ski Classics series, where the tip has for years gone from just a push to skating creams.

Niskanen no chose a pair of specially made skis for a draw on Friday, but just a pair of regular traditional skiing.

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A ski caregiver who saw it all Mika Venäläinen still lubricates Niskanen’s skis in domestic competitions. Even his fingers had to go into his mouth when the master announced that he wanted a mere glide cream on the bottom.

– There was real speculation with Saana. There is not much experience in putting on pocket skiing, the Russian laughed.

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