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Iglesias justifies his candidacy in Madrid to end the last “trench” that resists the coalition government “

Iglesias has appealed to feminism as “key so that the extreme right does not seize power” in the region and can “disconnect Madrid from the whole of the State, the law and the Constitution”

The candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid Pablo Iglesias.

The United We Can candidate for the Presidency of the Madrid’s community, Pablo Iglesias, appealed this Saturday to feminism as “key so that the extreme right does not seize power” in the region and carry out its supposed intention to “disconnect Madrid of the whole of the State, the law and the Constitution “.

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Iglesias launched this appeal in his speech to start the telematic meeting of the State Citizen Council of Podemos, the first since he announced his intention to leave the Government of Spain to, in his own words today, “dispute Madrid to the extreme right.”

After reviewing the supposed achievements of United We Can in the coalition government, he called that it “must have its counterpart in the Community of Madrid”, which has been a government of the PP which, like other times, he based on the “tamayazo” and the illegal financing of the party.

As he said, “the right wing has turned the region into a place to enrich themselves in the heat of the real estate bubble” and now it is there “where they have entrenched themselves to resist the progressive changes” in Spain, until making the regional president Isabel Díaz Ayuso the leader of the opposition to the coalition government. “Hence, the elections are also” crucial for the rest of the state. ”

Iglesias reproached the PP that, being Madrid the richest region in Spain, it is also one of the most unequal in the EU, the one that invests the least in public health, only spent a thousand euros per student and sold 3,000 public homes to investment funds without comply with the court ruling that urges you to recover them.

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He also denounced that the bonuses to the Wealth tax They have made Madrid stop collecting 54,000 million since 2004, of which now a part could have been allocated to aid to the hotel industry.

Feminism as a claim

For all these reasons, she claimed that “it cannot be allowed to become disobedience to the law and the Constitution” and said that “it is intolerable” that one of the regions that are the world vanguard of the feminist movement is governed by those who erased the mural Linear City and they say that “educating in equality is indoctrination”.

Here, Iglesias praised the transformative capacity of feminism and its rethinking of the economy “putting people at the center” and that “the public and the common are conditions for the possibility of freedom” that Ayuso champions.

And, along these lines, he declared himself “convinced” that feminism “will be key so that the extreme right does not seize power in Madrid”, because, “if someone has stood up to the extreme right in recent times, they have been women”.

“We have to recover Madrid,” he harangued, calling for it to learn from the experience in the coalition government regarding “the mobilization of the economic and media right”, which predicted that “it will be brutal” in order to “continue parasitizing the institutions in Madrid “.

In this sense, he concluded that, if the working classes are mobilized to the polls, there will be “many possibilities that on May 4 there will be a progressive coalition government also in Madrid.”

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