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“If there is a window to leave the schools open, let them be left open”, asks the spokesperson for the PEEP

Children “are not furniture that we move or inert things”, pleads Hubert Salaün who is worried, like many child psychiatrists, about the consequences on their morale.
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“If there is a window to leave the schools open, let them be left open”, asked Tuesday, March 30 on franceinfo Hubert Salaün, spokesperson for the federation of parents of pupils PEEP, while the question of the closure of schools, faced with an epidemic outbreak, arises. “Keeping schools open is essential”, according to him.

“Let these children have a social life”, asked the spokesperson for PEEP. “These are not furniture that we move or inert things. They have emotions. They also need to have that life. We have to be responsible”, he pleaded.

“What worries us is that here, we have the impression that we are making the school responsible for all the evils”, added Hubert Salaün. “The virus circulates everywhere in society. Will children, during holidays, in parks, by the beach, in the streets, be more protected than in establishments where there is a certain rigor? implementation? We don’t know. “

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“There is a psychological risk for children if we close schools”, also mentioned the student’s parent, echoing the comments made earlier in the morning on franceinfo by the Professor Christèle Gras-Le Guen, President of the French Pediatric Society. “There are students who are in depression, in great difficulty, children who start to cry at the table or who crack in class”, he said. “Locking the children in their homes will be a problem because these children have lost a lot of activities, music, dancing, birthdays with friends.”

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