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If all goes well, we can go on holiday with a certificate in the summer | NOW

The travel industry is not surprised that the negative travel advice that applies until mid-April will be extended at the upcoming press conference. In the meantime, hard work is being done from Brussels on a corona certificate. According to trade association ANVR, this will be the entrance ticket for other countries. If the virus can be contained, we can go on holiday in Europe again in the summer, thinks ANVR director Frank Oostdam.

“Normally we would see nothing in a certificate to be allowed to travel, but given the current situation we are delighted to see such an entrance ticket for other countries”, Oostdam says in conversation with “Countries will demand that to allow tourists from other countries.”

Last week, the European Commission (EC) launched the plan for a digital green certificate, also known as a corona passport or corona certificate. This allows someone to demonstrate that he or she has been vaccinated, tested negative or has already had the corona virus. “Testing must therefore be widely available and at a low price,” says Oostdam.

Travel organizations will also offer testing, the ANVR will take care of large-scale purchasing. In the future it will be part of the package: holiday with bed, breakfast and test. “The tour operators will also ensure that there is easy access to tests at the destination.”

‘Corona certificate does not have to be a Rolls-Royce’

Next week, Brussels will come up with detailed plans and then it is up to the countries to make the move. “We hope for coordination,” said the ANVR director.

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Until now, there has been little coordination in the European context during the corona crisis. “We think that the tide has now turned. In any case, Brussels is proceeding energetically with the certificate.” According to Oostdam, that “does not have to be a Rolls-Royce”. “That can also be a very good SKODA.”

Which the ANVR director just wants to say: not too much foolishness. “Also with a view to privacy.” Initially, the certificate will have to make it possible to travel within Europe. “Of course we hope that it can then be expanded to other countries.”

‘We have to get rid of that orange world as soon as possible’

In any case, the ANVR hopes that the Dutch government will not stick to leaving the whole world on an orange travel advice. “We have to get rid of that orange world as soon as possible.”

The ANVR thinks it is obvious that no relaxation will be announced on Tuesday with regard to travel advice. Traveling is just not possible yet. “Not now, and not in the first weeks after mid-April, that is simply not possible. Even though traveling is a fundamental right. It does not suit us to make a point of it.”

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What the ANVR does make a point of is perspective. “The sector has been without income for a year, we need bookings. The water is not on our lips, but about it.” The hope of the travel industry is that the cabinet will say that traveling in the summer, within Europe, is possible again. “That would be ideal. We are ready.”

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