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“Ibn Majid for Folk Art” … tells the stories of the sea and fishermen – our lives – culture

With each new season of “Sharjah Heritage Days”, the makers of joy return to the heart of Sharjah, to enchant the audience with arts, collectibles, dances and crafts that have a scent of the past. In the current session of “Al-Ayyam”, the “Ibn Majid Association for Folk Arts and Rowing” will participate in its exhibition rich in the heritage of the sea, and its group that draws attention with its vitality and preservation of colors of dance and singing, sends them enthusiasm and the desire to embrace the waves, as the presence of the band had the effect of achieving the slogan The event “The Cultural Heritage brings us together”, where all those who missed the sound of “flaming” fly around its shows, and the celebrations of fishermen after each abundant hunting season.

The old fishing tools have changed and replaced with modern ones, but the marine insults and the songs of the fishermen are stable and well-established, this is what the founder and director of the association says, the researcher and poet Nasir Hasan Al-Kass Al Ali. Regarding the founding of the association, he said: “My family’s passion for sea arts led me at first to establish an artistic troupe, which used to perform its clauses at weddings. Then I got official support, and it was declared an association. And since it was founded in 1984, it has been a reunion for lovers of the sailor’s folk arts and their ancient heritage. ” The association’s troupe depends on diversifying its performance, to include collective and individual songs, famous dances and rhythms, as well as the chalets of the people of the sea and the shalats of the people of righteousness. And whenever it is its turn to disturb the crowd in the squares of the Heart of Sharjah, visitors to the Heritage Days gather to enjoy what it offers.

The Ibn Majid Association is based in Ras Al Khaimah, from where it sets out to tour local and international festivals with its activities. Currently, in its pavilion in the heart of Sharjah, collections and tools related to diving and fishing are displayed, as well as traditional pieces, some of which have been transformed by mechanization that entered boats into symbols of the heritage of sailing. Upon entering the pavilion, the visitor is confronted with the traditional dress of the diver, and the wooden rotor piece, which was used to drag the ship from the sea to the land, and vice versa. Also on display is a miniature hull of a traditional fishing boat.

As for the sea snails and their paintings, they take a prominent area from the walls of the association’s wing, whose publications are unique to the pictures of snails and their paintings are colored pages, highlighting the aesthetics and the grooves of colors and natural decorations that flutter on the backs of the snails, which encouraged some of its members to take colored shells as a material to produce paintings that entice the lenses of cameras to photograph them. And among the things that the Ibn Majid Association maintains is also the manufacture of fishing nets, so everyone who overlooks its wing encounters craftsmen weaving nets, and behind their backs stands the gargour for hunting, made of two different materials, the first of palm fronds and the second of wires, and between them an extended period of singing to the sea.

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