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“I will not move the clock” – IS readers say they have had enough of the constant fluctuation between summer and winter time – Finland

Respondents to the survey disagree on whether Finland should switch to permanent summer time or permanent winter time.

In Finland and Europe switched to summer time again, when clocks were moved early on Sunday by an hour. Readers of Ilta-Sanomat are overwhelmingly unanimous that the way should go down in history.

On Saturday, IS asked its readers whether a permanent summer time or a permanent winter time should be introduced in Finland or whether the current shift of clocks should be continued. Based on more than 900 responses, summer time and winter time each have unwavering supporters.

Friends of summer time highlighted the benefits of brighter evenings.

– Increased natural light would reduce e.g. depression when summer time would allow it for leisure and not for morning hours as in the current system. A large portion either sleeps in the morning or is going to work / school. So bright mornings are no beetle joy to anyone.

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– Of course, in the summer time or an hour ahead, you can go outside during the bright hours after work in autumn, winter and spring.

– A small addition of light to the evening is a more useful option in my own life.

Proponents of winter, or normal time, on the other hand, feel that there would be more joy in the light in the mornings.

– Bright mornings and dim evenings. What better way to wake it up in the morning than more light, and in the evening to sleep appropriately at dusk. Sleep problems and continued weight gain of the population would be reduced. Health above and no evening districts.

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– In Finland, these bright hours in the evening do not have a big effect, because after a month the evenings are already late. A different thing from some Central or Southern Europe. Just a hurry in Finland.

– It’s so damn that just after you’ve got to enjoy these bright mornings, you have to endure grim, too early mornings for another month.

– Summer time, that is, the one that starts next night, is a completely unnatural sink. During normal time, the sun is directly south at 12:00.

Some long for the sun in their mornings, while others experience bright mornings running out.­

Some respondents, on the other hand, pointed out the difficulties in adapting to the new age.

– Very nice hey! We are even more tired and angry on Monday morning when we have to go to work. And those who say an hour here and there are definitely the ones who lie down for days long on the couch enjoying state subsidies!

– There is no point in moving here. My egg and the rest of us suffer when the internal biological clock refuses to move from normal time to this manipulation!

– Quite absurdly extra work on schedules in many jobs throughout Finland.

Among the numerous messages in favor of stopping the transfer of clocks were also some responses where the issue was not perceived as a problem. One respondent, for his part, said he had already solved the problem in his own way.

– I’m not moving the clock. I also live in the winter time in the summer and completely regardless of what the EU or Parliament has regulated or will regulate.

In Finland, summer and normal times have been observed permanently since 1981. The transition to summer and winter time is a common practice in the European Union.

In 2018, the European Commission proposed that the bi-annual time shift be abolished uniformly throughout the European Union. However, negotiations on this issue have dragged on.

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