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Home Sport Huuhkaja verdict: Phenomenal Teemu Pukki panics all opponents - Huuhkajat
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Huuhkaja verdict: Phenomenal Teemu Pukki panics all opponents – Huuhkajat

In its current condition, Teemu Pukki is even one of the best strikers in Europe, declares Marko Rajamäki, IS’s football expert.

Finland faced the World Cup qualifiers in Ukraine late Sunday night.

The Owls cheerfully rose to a 1-1 draw at the last minute of the match. A valuable away game point was ensured by the one who was in a tough finish Teemu Pukki, who else.

The Finnish performance found both exemplary things that needed light field tuning.

The IS three-person jury will go through the most interesting things and twists of the match.

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This time, the panel includes IS suppliers Janne Kosunen and Janne Oivio as well as a football expert Marko Rajamäki.

Janne Kosunen

Talk: What does this result mean? Finland is still in a good position in its World Cup qualifiers. It is undefeated after two matches, but has played in the draws against its estimated main opponents in the block, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ukraine. The World Cup qualifiers will continue in the autumn, and Finland’s place to continue is still realism.

Red card: Finnish passivity. Finland only woke up properly after Ukraine’s leading goal in the 80th minute. Before that, it just accepted. In the name of the truth, there was a stub of luck involved, as rarely does a top team defender get as badly confused as Mikolenko mixed up in the situation leading to Finland’s handicap.

Pace: Teemu Pukki. Quite sick going. The press situation looked like a formality, but it was worth going to. The ball hooked and released. The opponent tore down the Finn, who fired the penalty box really confidently. At the same time, Pukki became Finland’s second in statistics with 30 national goal goals. Any more Jari Litmanen is above (32).

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Style: Let’s defend closely and hope for the best. It seemed that there would be that “basic” goal loss against Ukraine, but Finland pressed the “ON” button in the blender, where Ukraine suddenly had to spin the final minutes of the match. Playing in Finland as a whole was not beautiful, but the guest point is very valuable.

Phenomenon: Finland’s ability to stretch. Considering the whole match, the draw in Kiev was a very good result for Finland, although some members of the team were annoyed in the TV interviews that they did not get three points. When Ukraine hit 1–0 and there were 80 minutes in the Game Clock, the Finnish evening started to feel patted. Cover with.

Janne Oivio

Talk: Winning the fight. While in defense, Mark’s steel wall is beginning to resemble Donald Trumpin The Mexican border screen so starting the World Cup qualifiers with two draws against the main opponents was quite a good result. There is a lot to improve in the game, but now we are playing for the result.

Red card: Why Albin Granlund got to continue the game long after he got a hard time on his head? The man had tears in his eyes changed later. When a player with a head final cannot be set aside for examination without being subjected to force majeure, it encourages to cover up problems to the last.

Pace: The buck, once again. The attacking star has to dig Finland out of the pit time and time again. A feature that often goes dark in the game of a buck is work ethic. The buck cycled to run and squeeze, even though it had been fruitless for a long time. At the end, thank you stood. Great workman performance.

Style: Andrei Shevtshenko is a stallion man. As a crumbling, middle-aged man, I watched the elegantly aging “Sheva” on the TV screen jealously. Years in Milan’s fashion mecca have not been wasted. And on top of all that, he seems like a very sharp coach.

Phenomenon: The center of the owls is leaking in the defensive direction as the center of Finland is leaking supporters. Joona Toivio wasting her husband in the box, Rasmus Schüller does not keep up with her husband, there are gaps between which Ever Given could fit. Are we quite sure of these five downstairs now instead of the old acquaintance?

Marko Rajamäki

Talk: Absences. The Finnish team lacked three sure players in the starting line-up. They were gone Jere Uronen, Lukas Hradecky and the captain Tim Sparv. The others patched them well, but the passes of Urone’s left foot, Hradecky’s winning fights, and Sparv’s leadership as such cannot be patched up. Hopefully the key players will stay healthy because we need them all in the European Championship finals.

Red card: It was great to see that a few World Cup qualifiers already had a limited number of spectators. In Tbilisi, the home crowd encouraged the home team to a 1-0 halftime lead over pre-favorite Spain. Georgia fought to the end, but in the 92nd minute Spain finished 2-1. However, a red card for spectators who used a face mask carelessly or not at all.

Pace: Goat. After all, this makes no sense anymore! Whenever Pukki takes the initiative off his back or starts to squeeze, opponents are in a panic. Teemu is even one of the best attackers in Europe today. Hopefully the vibe will stay the same until the summer.

Style: Reversal gaming. Finland was the underdog for most of the game. However, with a good and close defense, we stayed in the game. In addition to defending, the strength of the Owls is a great change of direction. The goat’s running force and movement timing are at a staggering level.

Phenomenon: The importance of the coach to the team. Markku Kanerva has taken Owls to a whole new level through unified team play. The same has been done by Ukrainian coach Shevtshenko. The player legend has made Ukraine play in a very disciplined manner. Plus, they have a few great individuals. With these snacks, Ukraine can even be a surprise at the summer European Championships.

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