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Hundreds of protesters in Rotterdam demand changes from the police because of racism | NOW

At least five hundred demonstrators gathered in Rotterdam on Sunday afternoon to demonstrate against racism within the police force. They stood with banners at the Marconiplein police station. According to the police, the meeting was quiet and orderly.

The protest was organized by the Rotterdam branch of party BIJ1. Many people are angry about the various racist and discriminatory messages in app groups of the Rotterdam police that have been leaked recently.

There is a lot of anger among Rotterdammers about the apps. According to the protesters, agents using these ideas would not be able to “keep people of color safe”.

A petition calling for the dismissal of the agents concerned has been signed almost 7,000 times. There are also calls for the dismissal of police chief Fred Westerbeke, who has not fired the agents after the revelations.

Parents of the girl Humeyra are also present

The agents in question have given Westerbeke a written reprimand. He calls this a “yellow card”. Westerbeke does not want to fire the agents because they are good employees that have never been complained about, he reported in conversation with Rijnmond.

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The parents of the Rotterdam girl Humeyra were also present. After the murder of the girl, the officers in question said that there was “one Turk less”. It concerns a group of five agents who said these kinds of things in the app group. The group was called the Jan Smit group.

It was previously known that people with a migrant background were referred to as “cancer people”, “cunt Africans” and “pauperallochtonen” in the online conversations. Westerbeke previously described these messages as “discriminatory, racist and hurtful”.

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