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HS: The producer of the children’s program threw Essi Wuorela a proposal – the singer burned his head totally – Entertainment

Essi Wuorela, known from the band Rajaton, was the presenter of the children’s program before her music career.

Vocalist They Wuorela celebrate its 50th anniversary this week. Wuorela is known for his vocal ensemble Rajattoma and his solo production.

Wuorelan What does dear mean? -albumin Get marriedbecame a big hit in the first half of the 1990s.

Prior to her singing career, Wuorela was known as a children’s program At the Harlequin Club seen as “Supe-Ess”.

Wuorela says Helsingin Sanomat in his birthday interview that the time of making the program was memorable and nice. She also remembers how the program producer had designed a pin up girl for her that would make even the fathers of young children watch the program.

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According to HS, the producer wanted Wuorela to wear an “skin-licking coverall”. The proposal did not receive support from Wuorela, but he burned it.

– I bounced up from the bench and articulated quite loudly to see me now! I couldn’t adapt to that at all, ”Wuorela says in an HS interview.

– Somehow it goes so that you can suggest anything to a young woman. It is mute and we still have to struggle with such things. For women, the norms are still different than for men. I hope it changes, he continues.

1Essi Wuorela ran the Harlequin Club from 1993 to 1994. Picture from 1994.­

The Harlequin Club was shown on MTV3 on Saturday mornings in the early 1990s. The program sang and played, and saw cartoons. Wuorela was still studying at the Pop & Jazz Conservatory at the time, where she later graduated as a music teacher. He had no plot experience before the program, but he managed to convince it in the production shootings of the production team.

Wuorela continued his TV career after the Harlequin Club. From 2000 to 2001, he ran a show on Yle TV1 Hotel Sointu music program together Arto Nybergin with. The program was visited by numerous front-line musicians, among others Remu Aaltonen, Juice Leskinen, Tapani Kansa and Ismo Alanko.

With the band Rajaton, Wuorela has toured around the world and recorded several albums.

Singing ensemble Rajaton in 2005. Essi Wuorela pictured second from right.­

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