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How to properly prepare spring rolls?

In Asian cuisine, there are two dishes called “spring rolls”. There is the Chinese version, fried, and the Vietnamese version, which is not. In France, we rather refer to the second when we talk about spring rolls. Tuesday in “Historically yours”, Olivier Poels returns to the origin of this dish and gives a recipe to make in just a few steps.

There are two recipes for spring rolls in Asian cuisine that are often confused. There is a Chinese version, made from a pancake of wheat flour, stuffed only with vegetables, and fried. If you order a spring roll in China, this version will be brought to you. This Chinese dish is linked to a tradition: during the spring cleaning of the tombs, precooked and easy-to-eat food was taken to the cemetery every year.

A light dish

What we call spring roll is a dish of Vietnamese origin. It is a rice pancake stuffed with vermicelli, shrimp, pork, bean sprouts and herbs. It’s not very clear where this dish’s origins come from, but it’s believed to have been mostly prepared around the time of spring, as a light dish to eat after the excesses of the New Year’s Eve parties.

Olivier Poels’ recipe

The ingredients for 8 spring rolls:

– 8 rice cakes

– 16 beautiful cooked and peeled shrimps

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– 100 gr of cooked pork belly

– 100 gr of rice vermicelli

– 100 gr of soybean germ

– 8 lettuce leaves

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– 16 mint leaves

– coriander leaves

– 2 carrots

The preparation :

Cook the rice vermicelli in boiling water

Blanch the bean sprouts / chill everything

Slice the pork belly

Shell the shrimp and cut them in half lengthwise

Grate the carrots

Immerse the rice cakes in water for ten seconds

Stuff the rolls by placing the various ingredients on the cake and then rolling it “like a cigar”

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