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how to manage contamination in children?


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School is at the heart of the authorities’ concerns, while the epidemic is spreading at high speed among young people. What are the right behaviors to adopt? Explanations with the doctor and journalist Damien Mascret.
From Monday March 29, in the 19 departments concerned by a strengthening of the restrictive measures, as soon as a case is declared in a class, it must be closed. Indeed, even with the variant, most children who contract Covid-19 are asymptomatic. “The majority of children have no symptoms and this is the whole problem, because they may have contracted the virus which is multiplying in the throat and nose, and they are at risk of throwing it out and throwing it out. infect someone every time they speak “, explains the doctor and journalist Damien Mascret.

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So what if a child is positive in the family home? “In any case, you have to consider that for seven days, it risks infecting you. This means that the child must stay in his room as much as possible, and when he comes out put on a mask. (…) It is of course necessary to ventilate the room as much as possible. Finally, the child can go out anyway to play outside, as long as he respects the barrier gestures “, indicates Damien Mascret.

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