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how to ensure the quality of olive oil?



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France 3

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T. Cuny, M. Lavielle, O. Pergament

France 3

France Televisions

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On the consumer side, buyers are not always sure of the quality of what is on their plate. This is the case with olive oil. How to find your way among the many appellations, including those claiming to be organic?

On the stalls of Provençal markets, olive oil is a must. It is found absolutely everywhere. There are dozens of them but it is not always easy to know where it comes from or whether it comes from organic farming. For a couple who examine a bottle in front of the cameras of France 3, Thursday, March 25, details are lacking to be sure of the quality of the product.

Annabelle Heine, saleswoman of olive oil, more easily dissects the labels. While pointing to a bottle, she explains that the latter is not organic. However, she is very French. She grabs a second, observes it and notes that it is indeed biological, since we notice the specific logo. To obtain the organic label, specific standards exist. A producer from the Var, Olivier Roux, has converted to organic. He cannot use any chemicals.

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